Plaid Brixx: The Greener Side

Say hello to Plaid Brixx the latest addition to the Binge Magazine New Music Monday family. The rockers of Columbus, Ohio are made up of Chris Duggan (Vocals & Guitar), Mark LeRose (Drums), and Jared Sawaya (Keys). The alternative pop band recently released their new video for their single, “The Greener Side” which was also named “Best Song of the Month” by Songwriter Universe. Since then the band has been hard at work so we decided to bug frontman Chris Duggan who was kind enough to take us up on some of our Q&As below. Check em’ out!

How long has the group been together and how did all of you guys meet to form PLAID BRIXX?

Mark and I went to high school together and were in a punk band. When I returned to Columbus after finishing college, we got back together. Jared was a fan that we met at a show…and the rest is history.

How was it to write and produce a song like “The Greener Side” plus shoot a video with a talented director like “Dale “Rage” Resteghini?”

It was the first time I co-wrote a song with someone and I got to write with Melody Noel who, coincidentally was a classmate at NYU. We had a great time and love the song we wrote.

Rage is high energy with a lot of creative ideas. I learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes on a music video set. And working with the models wasn’t terrible!

What was the inspiration for taking the band’s sound to a lighter and more dance pop rock style? 

I’ve always been a huge fan of pop music. Over the last few years, I’ve grown to appreciate that pop is a complex art form. There are more rules with pop music and that makes it very challenging to write a great song and I find it enjoyable.

Who are some artist or other bands you guys would love to collaborate with? 

Grimes does amazing production work so it would be extraordinarily fun to do a collaboration with her. And we’d love to tour with Blink 182, Taylor Swift, and Fall Out Boy.

What does the rest of 2016 look like for the band? (Tours, shows?)

We are about 1/2 way through our summer schedule and still have a lot of great shows lined up. We’ll play at a couple of state fairs (Ohio and Illinois) and have a local show here at The Basement. We’re also playing Fashion Meets Music festival in the Fall and we keep adding more gigs. All the info on our current lineup is available at

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