Pilates in Paradise Retreat: Everything You Need to Know

Looking for a getaway? Want to surround yourself with fit-minded individuals like yourself? Perhaps you are looking to get in better shape and meet new people? I find the best way to experiment and discover new workouts is in a group setting. I am a huge advocate for group fitness. There is something about the support of your peers in a group setting that makes you want to power through your workout. It doesn’t hurt to add a beach setting and yummy cocktails!

We connected with Sarah Dineen of 360 Fitness a UK based company that specializes in Pilates, Bootcamp and pre and postnatal training. Dineen has successfully put together retreats that focus on health, wellness and Pilates attracting women of all fitness levels. This getaway offers relaxation and fun while being based around staying strong and fit.

I have always been curious about checking out a fitness retreat, and Sarah shares why her retreats are so popular and the benefits of participating in one! Check out her answers below ↓

Why do you think your retreats have gained such popularity?

I honestly believe that this is something that women now want and need in their annual calendar – a time to go away, refresh, unwind and check out of their fast-paced lives at home. By offering them affordable luxury, and a chance to feel empowered surrounded by other women – I believe this is why the retreats have been so popular – that and because I have tried to cover every base possible – with exercise, great food, private chef, cookery classes and beauty treatment.

Binge Magazine: What has been the most rewarding experience from hosting these retreats?

I have truly LOVED hosting the retreats, I guess the most rewarding experience is watching friendships grow over the time they are there and how much everyone just compliments and empowers one another. I literally watched ladies who have felt bottom of the list at home grow inches in stature as people have genuinely complimented them – something that they no longer get back at home. Watching the clients unwind and just taking time out for themselves, and watching that sense of peace and calm come over them, whilst feeling fit and healthy by exercising in the sun – there is no better combination!

To learn more about Sarah and her love for fitness visit the Nadia Murdock Fit Blog by clicking here!

To sign up for Pilates in Paradise Retreat in May visit: http://thisis360fitness.com/pilates-in-paradise/

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