Philosophy and Under Armour: Bringing Fitness and Beauty Together

Love fitness and beauty? Then you will love this collaboration with with Philosophy and Under Armour. These brands have teamed up for the newest product line from Philosophy- TAKE A DEEP BREATH COLLECTION. The Philosophy “take a deep breath” collection creates an oxygen reservoir on the skin, allowing the oxygen to help absorb the key essentials in the product being applied. Philosophy’s new oxygen line leaves the skin to breathe freely, combating signs of aging from a busy lifestyle. With barley leaf extract there is also a patented 8 aox blend which protects from 99% free radicals. The Under Armour Breathe Bra:Breathe in. Breathe out has a cooling breathability and the subtle extra coverage of Mod technology help you focus through the finish.

To mark the launch of philosophy’s take a deep breath oxygenating gel cream and the Under Armour Breathe Bra, the two wellbeing brands join forces to inspire a movement reminding women that breathing can change everything, so don’t forget to breathe. The movement begins with a co-branded inspiration digital video featuring Olympic soccer gold medalist Kelley O’Hara and YouTube star Nikki Phillippi.

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This campaign encouraged me to share the breathing exercise below to help keep your mind and body focused when you might be feeling overwhelmed.

1) Find a comfortable space, avoid as many distractions as possible.
2) Close your eyes and start breathing deeply through your nose.
3) Start with an inhale, hold it for a count of 1-2 seconds.
4) Exhale on the third count.
5) Repeat this a few times, it is important to make the exhale longer than the inhale.
6) Set a timer on your phone and practice this sequence for five minutes.

Take a look inside their launch event last week encouraging women to take a moment and breathe

Follow the movement of clean beauty with #dontforgettobreathe on social media!


Source: MindBodyGreen (Breathing Exercise)

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