OYLS: 10th Song

Nothing like being Spotify’s Number 5 most viral single in the trendy category of Indie Pop. With over 500,000 hits within a month, it is no wonder why OYLS has become an instant attraction. Be sure to add their new single “10th Song” (below) to your playlist and join the rest of the many jumping on this bandwagon.

Bio provided by Jessica Mora – Seamlessly blending experimental rock and indie-electro, OYLS have the aptness for innovative music. OYLS is the creative venture of two unexpected individuals; David Kirshenbaum, a former corporate consultant, and Michael Lipp, a failed strip club DJ. By subsuming the jazz and soul elements of the music they grew up on, OYLS aim to push the boundaries of the 21st century electronic landscape by drawing comparisons to artists like James Blake, Alt-J, and Disclosure, while powerfully facilitating a fearlessly authentic sound of their own.

10th song is loosely a response to Bob Dylan’s, ‘Its alright, Ma, (I’m only bleeding)’. Lead songwriter Michael Lipp states ” I had gotten really sucked into Dylan’s worldview for a moment—or maybe he was reflecting something within me that was bitter and pessimistic about the world. On Dylans song, he comes to the conclusion that shit sucks and therefore there is no real point of anything. (excuse my totally crude paraphrase of a sophisticated piece of genius poetry”.

10th song offers an alternative to Dylan’s cynicism—where he sees human and societal nature as fated forces of despair and confinement. It reflects the beauty in tendency—a child’s natural curiosity, a mother’s soothing words that hold artifacts of her own mother’s communication.
“Uncertainty is totally okay, and being vulnerable through that uncertainty is an option that Dylan forgets to explore.” confides Lipp. Impacted by the Beach Boy’s ‘’Wall of Sound’’ production style, OYLS created, recorded, and produced their music in Kirshenbaum’s parent’s dining room with a single microphone and a laptop. They confide, “we compiled drum sets, made our own horn section and choirs of our voices. We not only overcame limitations; we embraced them”. Their writing process begins with the layering of instruments to map the progression of the song until they reach their desired sound, at which point Lipp immerses himself in poetry and meditation to realize the lyrics.

They aim to create pop music with authenticity so listeners are able to expand their palate through the context of modern music. OYLS’ successes to date include charting #5 on Spotify Viral, headlining famed venues in their hometown of Los Angeles, as well as performing at well known festivals. After gaining thousands of social media fans through partnering with major media networks including MTV, the duo demonstrates their natural passion for music, innovation, and inspiration to a loyal demographic.

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