Overcoming Obstacles in Sections

If you haven’t seen it, you probably have heard about it already. The “lucky” bank shot by Derrick Rose heard around the sport’s world from the Bulls vs Cavalier’s Game 3 win. This was the same Derrick Rose who some considered was a ghost to the Bulls’ future moving forward, especially with the rise of Jimmy Butler and a few other core players. Friday’s buzzer beater was not only a monumental moment for Derrick Rose but for the believers who have stuck by Rose’s side throughout this rough patch of injuries that has plagued the former NBA MVP for the past 3 years.

If you are like me, you knew that shot was going in and also knew you would tear up when you saw a relieved but confident Rose jump into Joakim Noah’s arms full of happiness (despite his facial expression).

Even though Rose may not be the best public speaker or interviewer, it doesn’t take away the fact that he has great talent and for sure had to be feeling a bit overwhelmed knowing everything he’s had to endured from his injuries to all the opinionated critics.

Of course, many professional athletes learn to block out the negative noise around them including the media, fans, peers, and now even worse, social media. The message isn’t about Rose silencing those individuals or even winning the game or putting the Bulls in a great position to finally get past Lebron James… it’s simply the fact of overcoming an obstacle that he couldn’t seem to do before. We all know the Bulls can still lose the series (not saying they will or will not) and pretty much get nothing out of Rose’s game winning shot but the more important thing is that Rose believes in himself as a person and player which in turn creates fans and followers to not only believe in him as a basketball star but as a individual.

That is what it is all about. Keeping faith. Making others believe things like this are possible to overcome. Injuries, situations, problems, you name it , all are possible to surpass. It may take a week, 4 months, a year, or in the case of Derrick Rose 3 years, but realizing that it is not impossible is the key.

In today’s society, the younger generation lacks this motivation to want to “believe” in themselves because “believing in yourself” means more work. More work meaning extra time put in. Extra time means less play time which in their eyes means no fun. I’ve seen many young athletes lose the battle to an injury because of the lack of confidence and zero motivation to want to overcome obstacles. Many of these athletes think their youth is going to help recover their injury and just because a doctor says 10-12 months off time means you are going to return back to 100% is the wrong mentality.

Regardless the injury or roadblock set ahead of you, creating your own goals are the key to building confidence, trust, and inner motivation needed to rise back up. Rose’s injuries were definite set-backs but it was up to him as a player to want to come back and be a better player knowing no one else can do that for him unless he created his own path to recovery. It of course took him a longer time, but look how far he has had to come to just get back to a heroic state.

We see high school athletes injure themselves time after time and never fully recover and it is unfortunate but that should not define you as an athlete or a person, especially if your recovery isn’t as successful as you’d like it to be. Your road to recovery should fuel your willingness to overcome any obstacle through sports, school, work, family or any matter that involves self-motivation and self-encouragement. Push, push, and push harder, always remembering you are the one in control of your future. You can set the tone on how you look at life. You can control how others perceive you through your work ethic, your confidence and your determination to want to be the best. While many people (especially your peers) think it’s a lame thing to work hard or lame idea to want to succeed it shouldn’t be an excuse to stop or delay your mission. So here is some advice, start setting goals in sections. Push through small obstacles daily, and bigger obstacles when they arise. Keep your goals to yourself as well as your achievements. Let others discover your greatness. Work as hard as you can everyday but don’t forget to live a little. Stay positive. Encourage others. Never stop learning. Read an article a day. Teach, learn and ask questions. Always say hello and allow others into your life, because there are always lessons to be learned.

Go Bulls.

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