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Oh, The Places They’ll Go…

If you are lucky, family is the one thing that will never fade. Take care of your family and they will take care of you. Remember the look on your parents face when you brought home a dandelion from outside for them? Or the time you made them a homemade whatchamacallit for Christmas?

That look grows and grows throughout the years, and sometimes we take it for granted, we also have taken for granted the constant nagging of a brother or sister. One important thing that grows with age is the admiration we have for these people, who through thick and thin, have never left our sides. We owe our lives to these people, because without them we wouldn’t be who we are. We look for that quality of family values in our significant others, and it’s just an extra perk to see that in our most beloved celebrities.

With The Oscars tomorrow, we wanted to relive some of our favorite celebrity-family red carpet dates. Who would you bring along if you were up for an Oscar?

The two charmers with their moms. Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and their moms all charmed the red carpet at The Oscars in 1998.

Heartthrob Ryan Gosling shared the love with sister Mandi, and mother Donna at The Oscars in 2007.

Salma Hayek bonded with brother, Sami, on the red carpet in 2005.

Colin Farrell had some mother-son time with mom, Rita, at The Oscars in 2008.

Penelope Cruz shared the limelight with her stunning sister, Monica at the 2007 Oscars.

Justin Timberlake was all smiles with his mom, Lynn in 2011.

Charlize Theron shined with mom, Greda, by her side at the 2010 Oscars.

Jonah Hill had the support of mom, Sharon Lyn, on the red carpet in 2012.

Jamie Foxx brought along 11 year-old daughter in 2005, and then again in 2013. Definitely a proud dad, and who doesn’t love that?

No sibling rivalry here! Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal shared the spotlight when they arrived to The Oscars together in 2005.

Notable Family Affection:
Jennifer Lawrence shared this happy moment with her parents at The Oscars- we can sense the family pride here!

Photos Provided by Associated Press

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