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The music industry is a tough one for sure, and a lot of lessons got us to where we are today. – Melissa Menago of June Divided

For June Divided nothing has come easy, especially with the recent release of their new EP “Body Wars”. In fact, it has been quiet for a few years now since we last heard anything new from the band. Luckily, the good news is that they are indeed back and we couldn’t be happier! The new EP is spontaneously addicting, crazy chilled and every song leaves you wanting to share with a friend. June Divided certainly took their time to create and prepare this album for you and the wait was definitely worth it.

For those who may not know, June Divided sprung onto the scene back in 2011 while touring Warped Tour. With the launch of “Body Wars” we can easily say June Divided has officially stepped back into the game and brought some love to indie rockers around the world.

Here to answer some of our questions is Mel (Vocals, Keys, Guitar)

What is it that makes this EP “Body Wars” so different from your past work, especially comparing it to your past two EPs back in 2011 “The Other Side of You” and 2012 “Backbone“?

We took a long time to make “Body Wars” after our first two releases. We really wanted to take the appropriate amount of time to experiment with our sound before we put anything new out. Our influences changed and our sound grew because of it. I play more keys on this record, which was nice because piano was my first instrument as a kid. The rest of the band really worked on their tones/instruments too, so a brand new sound definitely came from all of that.

How has your experience in the industry along with sharing the stage with notable artists and bands helped shape who June Divided is today?

The music industry is a tough one for sure, and a lot of lessons got us to where we are today. Being an indie band isn’t easy, but it’s made us pretty self-sufficient and responsible. We’ve definitely been inspired by some bands we’ve shared the stage with (i.e; Twenty One Pilots). Being a musician is hard work, and if you’re working hard, you’re always learning things along the way.

All the tracks on “Body Wars” are ridiculously good. Which track is the band’s favorite?

Thank you! Collectively as a band, I think it’s a toss up between I Didn’t Mind, and Time Will Stop.

One Word that describes each person in the band:

You – The Brains!
Chris Kissel (Guitar) The Looks!
Keith Gill (Drums) Charm!
Lenny Sasso (Bass) High-Fastening Pants

(This is an Arrested Development joke that was too good not to make.)

How has the city of “brotherly love” been with the band’s success throughout the years?

It’s a cool scene in Philly, and we love our hometown here more than anything. Philly is big enough to feel like things are happening, but it’s not too big, so you don’t feel like your music is being drowned-out. We found a nice niche here for our band and there’s so much talent, love and support in the music community. It really is a city of brotherly love, and the music scene is a great example of that. A few months ago, I actually lost my acoustic guitar, and posted about it on social media. It was found in just a number of days because so many local musicians and members of the music community shared my post, and by word of mouth, it was somehow tracked down for me! It was amazing. So yea, we love our hometown scene.

What is the one great memory you guys all share since the band has been together?

We had such a great time when we opened for Rise Against at Summerfest 2014. We love Milwaukee, and it was a beautiful day, thousands of people, and the crowd was awesome. Fireworks went off at the end of our set and the next day we were invited back to watch Brand New play. We had a blast.

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