Norma Martinez: Artistic Spell

Meet Norma Martinez an East Chicago, Indiana Native and a true artist with an unique portfolio of artwork to prove it. Norma graduated from Purdue University Calumet in Hammond Indiana and majored in Communication with an emphasis in Television Production.

Norma, a very strong Mexican American woman shows her true colors through her art, writing, and cultural awareness involvement. Having participated in many well known art galleries, Norma tells us her background in art, culture, and the drive that keeps her going every day.

Binge Magazine: Describe your art background and what your main message is as you create your work.
Norma Martinez: I started with watercolors and currently working with acrylic on canvas; sculpting is another medium I plan to add to my work. Exotic heArt gallery is a collection of modern day culture art. With a message of love one that celebrates life, love, culture and diversity, one that nourishes the exotic heart!
I don’t usually like to give away the message behind a particular painting because I like knowing what others see when they look at each piece. Usually it’s nothing what I intended to get across. I may not be a Picasso or Frida Kahlo whose paintings inspire me, but I LOVE what I do.

Binge Magazine: How has being Latina help drive out your overall career?
Norma Martinez: We are very passionate in everything we do. We are family oriented and hard working. These qualities make a Latina succeed in anything she wants. I take pride in my work and strongly believe that when you help others, somewhere out there, another person is helping one of your own in need.

Binge Magazine:Why is it important for Latinos to learn how to be independent?
Norma Martinez: Because we become leaders of our own life… become confident and successful in what we do; and in turn help others to become successful.

Binge Magazine: Your art has been featured in many notable art galleries, can you give us a few of your favorite ones and why?
Norma Martinez: I love them all equally, but if I had to choose a few, I’d say: “Amor Azteca,” “Tu y Yo” the “Adventures of Leah” the one eared cat and “Amor Libre.” These convey a bit of the poetic and spiritual side of my culture; the rosary in one piece and an ancient Aztec love ritual in the other piece. Not to mention my fascination with sunsets and love for Leah our one eared cat.

Binge Magazine: What inspires you?
Norma Martinez: Wow. There are many things that inspire me; from a majestic sunset to the smell of wet terrain after a rainy day or simply just waking up to the song of a dove. My rich culture is also a true inspiration. If I sum it up I guess I can say that Mother Nature and culture inspires me when it comes to painting. But my greatest inspiration in life is Love from family. I am truly blessed in that aspect.

Binge Magazine: How does art and culture relate in your eyes (primarily in your culture)?
Norma Martinez: When I think of my Mexican culture, I envision a mosaic of vibrant colors and festivities. We believe in milagros and are people of adventurous spirits and big hearts. We are people of poetic stories filled with colorful traditions and many legends like the famous legend of “La Llorona.” One of my favorite Mexican holiday traditions is “Dia de los Muertos” because not only do we celebrate our beloved deceased but drape their altars in flowers, papel picado and wonderful memoirs. When I put all of this together I see a masterpiece!

To learn more about Norma Martinez check out her Facebook page at: Norma also has a coffee-table book out call Amor Azteca.The book can be purchased online through the publishing book company

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