On the Mound with Kurt Heyer: St. Louis Cardinals

Spring Training is in full gear, and if you know anything about the owners of Binge Magazine, you know that baseball is our biggest Binge.

We were honored to interview Kurt Heyer, captain of the 2012 NCAA Champion Arizona Wildcats, and 6th round draft pick of the St.Louis Cardinals the same year. Kurt is a dedicated, passionate and outgoing player who we have no doubt will be successful. Get to know a little about Kurt below, and make sure you stay up to date with him by following him on twitter, facebook and instagram!
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Binge:Not only did you win a College World Series in 2012, but that’s when you were drafted to the St. Louis Cardinals- does it ever feel like a dream?
KH: It was an amazing feeling winning the College World Series because you are competing at the highest level possible. On top of that being given the opportunity to play for an organization like the Cardinals, it’s just amazing.

BM:Has playing in the MLB always been your dream?
KH:Yes ever since I started playing at the age of five, I wanted to be a professional baseball player. And the odds of getting that chance is incredible.

BM:What’s the single best moment you’ve ever experienced as an athlete?
KH: Wow. There are so many. Besides winning the CWS, I would have to say shutting out ASU at home and winning 1-0. Overall just winning is amazing is great experience.

BM:How did your experience playing ball for Arizona shape you as an athlete?
KH: Well I matured a lot during college. My mental toughness only improved by pitching in the PAC-12. I don’t regret going to college that’s for sure.

BM:What’s been the best piece of advice anyone has given you about being either a college athlete or an athlete in the MLB?
KH: A lot of people have given me advice over the years. But my dad always told me that “hard work always pays off.” Also “Always be a leader and not a follower.”

BM:What advice would you give to young athletes pursuing the same dream?
KH:I would tell them to work hard and never settle for being average. Always outwork everyone on and off the field. If you want it that badly then you have to put in the work to get it.

BM:Were there any athletes growing up who inspired you?
I didn’t have a specific athlete. I watched a lot of pitchers over the years and I saw how they competed and that they always gave their team a chance to win.

BM: How do you mentally prepare for games? Do you have a routine? Has it changed over the years?
Haha actually up until my sophomore year in college I used to sleep with the baseball before a start. My classmates would always try to steal it. If they saw me with a ball they knew I was pitching that day. I also used to eat mac and cheese the night before.

BM:Baseball is so mental, and I’m sure things get hard. What keeps you going when things do get hard?
KH: I’m very good a hiding my emotions when I’m on the mound. You wouldn’t know if I was happy or mad. My college coach Andy Lopez would always say “if you think this is the toughest thing in your life right now, smile, its only gonna get worse.”

BM:What does it mean to you to be part of an organization like the St.Louis Cardinals
KH:Its really an honor to get the opportunity to be a part of an elite organozation like the St Louis Cardinals. They just know how to develop players and make us all the best we can be.

BM:Is there any player in particular you look forward to pitching to? Or anyone that you are not looking forward to pitching to?
KH:I honestly have no one in particular. I love facing new hitters. Doesn’t matter who it is. I embrace new challenges everyday.

BM:How does your mentality change from practice to a game? If at all.
KH:During practice I’m a little more loose and goofy (it helps me relax). But once I take the mound, you can ask anyone, I’m not the same person. I’m a bulldog and impose my will on hitters.

{photo credit: www.arizonawildcats.com}

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