Mother’s Day Kickoff with Mint Design

You may remember our feature on the very talented Lotta Alexandersson of Mint Design – Today, she is sharing the inspiration behind her impeccable Mom’s Day table settings & the ways her Mom has impacted not only her life, but her career as well. (Missed the first feautre? View it here!)

True inspiration, hard work, and love has stemmed from Lotta’s mom, Dagmar, of Dax Design Jewely, and priceless memories and lessons will continue to live on forever.

While most teenagers tend to shy away from their parents during their teenage years, Lotta recalls becoming very close with her mom, and very inspired by her. Even though her designing skills became very apparent to her mom in High School, Lotta recalls her mom realizing at a young age that her creative genes had gracefully been passed along to her, “It started at a young age when we were given school projects such as book reports when my mother realized she had passed down her creative gene. Not only did I manage to create the most original piece amongst my peers, I also enjoyed it and helped my friends by giving them tips and tricks. When I was in high school, I became extremely close to my mother and found myself being very inspired by her and her ability to take on any project in her path. One weekend I decided to join her and faux finish one of her clients homes. The final product was spectacular- that’s a feeling that words could never explain, so I continued helping her with her business endeavors whether it be painting an armoire or reupholstering a chair. I was eager and willing to learn,” says Lotta.

Even though the paper mâché bowls that were made for Mother’s Day once (made hysterically with her dad and sister) didn’t quite work out, those are still heartwarming memories that live on in their family forever. Other memories, which are now turned into stunning table decor for Mother’s Day (designed by Lotta, of course!) , include the hand painted MacKenzie-Child glasses which Lotta, Anna (her sister) and dad gifted for her mom each year. They now pair the glasses with hydrangeas & roses, the perfect way to display their Mother’s Day traditions!


From Lotta: My Mother, @daxdesignjewelry is reason I do what I do. She has been my design mentor and teacher as far back as I can remember. MINT DESIGN has blossomed because I was taught the meaning of true art at a young age. Thank you Mom for always cheering me on!


One more little tip from the brains behind Mint Design: Don’t have time to set up a Mother’s Day table scape? Make a mini bar! We have popcorn, star fruit as a garnish and italian soda for that bubbly fizz! Voila! Mamma will be proud!

Once again, thank you to Ashley dePencier Photography for the great photos! Stunning photography as always!

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