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With the female empowerment movement encouraging women to speak their mind loud and proud it’s only fit that Binge Magazine recognizes female entrepreneurs making a difference. The founders of Mother Trucker are not only helping others but making a name for themselves in a world that is still male dominated. Co-founder Shan Barker encourages go-getters, mothers and badass ladies nationwide to express themselves through their clothing and unite with others that feel the same way. We sat down with Shan to learn more about Mother Trucker and how it’s grabbing the attention of well-known celebs like Jenny McCarthy, Candace Cameron and Tori Spelling to name a few.

How did you come up with the concept of Mother Trucker?
SB: We founded this company in the summer of 2015 while longing to find the perfect hat – yet, Mother Trucker & co. is so much more than just a hat. It’s a brand that is REAL. We are REAL LIFE mothers. We are constantly on the go and juggling kids, work and life. With Mother Trucker, you can throw on a hat on the go and still look stylish.

Has your clothing line provided a platform to unite fit and savvy moms?
SB: Yes, moms and boss ladies everywhere have come together into this Mother Trucker frenzy!! These hats have sayings that everyone can relate to.

What has been the hardest and most beneficial take away from running your own business?
SB: It’s funny – the hardest and most beneficial thing about running this business is kind of the same thing. As mothers, we are not only busy raising our children and running our homes, but we are also running an empire. It’s hard finding balance in all of it, but it’s also the most rewarding and beneficial aspect. We are able to juggle it all and include our kids in the chaos. It’s a blessing each day to use our talents in so many ways.

I think it’s important to give back as a business owner, are there any non-profits/causes that are close to your heart?
SB: The importance of charity is a vital role to the success of Mother Trucker & co. From the beginning, giving back has been on the top of our list. Our catch phrase is: “We are Mothers and we sell Truckers.” As Mothers, our values are simple and pure. We value the importance of teaching our children to be charitable and there is no better way to teach that than to lead by example. In our eyes, no charity is too big or too small. We give to large national organizations such as Susan G. Komen Foundation and Pacer Organization, but never to forget those causes near and dear to our hearts such as the hometown baseball team and local school. Our hearts are not full unless we have given all or more than we could.

Being a mother is hard work, how important is female empowerment to you?
SB: Female Empowerment is super important to Mother Trucker & co. We want women everywhere to be proud to be “A Boss Lady” or a “GOAL DIGGER”! We employ our entire staff with mothers and women. Females play a huge part of our world and we want women everywhere to be proud to be MOTHER TRUCKERS!!!

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