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Miami Couples Style

Miami Couples Style

By: Jessica Vacco [Follow @JessicaVacco]

Continuing with my fashion forward blog posts, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of Miami’s most attractive (and nicest) couples. Karina and Joey are full of energy & heart and their style shows that. You may remember the Venezuelan beauty from the CW show The Catalina, we are thrilled to hear she’s found love, and it definitely looks good on her! This fun interview gives an insight into the clothing styles they like for themselves, and for each other. Read on to learn about Karina’s fun & flirty style and Joey’s badass style.

Karina D’Erizans is a 27 year old nursing student from Caracas, Venezuela who currently lives in Miami, FL.

Joey Andron is a 36 year old entrepreneur who owns his own business and lives in Miami, FL.

JV: Karina, how would you describe your fashion sense? Is there one item that you always splurge on?

KD: I describe my fashion sense as laid back and preppy. I’m the type of girl that would wear a sweater around her neck. The one item that I would always splurge on would probably be jeans. I like them to fit me perfectly and to accentuate my legs and butt; which is difficult to find sometimes because of my petite frame.

JV: Joey, how would you describe your fashion sense? How has it evolved over the years?

JA: I would say that I’m more edgy on my style. I like the badass look. It has evolved from a laid back style, to a more put together and stylish look.

JV: How does your work fashion differ from your every day, casual, going out fashion?

KD: I like to be comfortable when I’m at work. I like the natural hair look, little makeup, and comfortable shoes. When I go out, I like wearing tight sexy dresses and my hair completely straight or kinda messy to feel sexier.

JA: My everyday look graviates more towards stylish shorts, addidas shoes and All Saints tees. My going out style includes more AG and Matchbox jeans, my must have All Saints boots and shirts.

JV: Karina, is there one piece of clothing/jewelry/accessory you own that you could not live without?

KA: I can’t live without earrings! If I don’t have earrings, I feel naked or sometimes even like a boy. I like being very feminine and girly. This comes down to having my hair done, makeup, nails done, and cute accessories.

JV: Joey, what type of clothing do you love seeing Karina in? What about that type of clothing is so appealing on her?

JA: I like dresses and bathing suits. I think she looks great with tight dresses and high heals. I especially like when she wears her little jean shorts because it makes her butt look juicy! Haha.

JV: What do you love most when Joey wears & why?

KD: I love seeing Joey with his stylish jeans, his leather jacket, boots and maybe a beanie or hat. He can definitely pull the badass look so he knows how to turn me on! Lol.

JV: Karina, you’ve had your body in all different magazines as one of the best beach bodies…how do you make sure your body is beach ready all year round? What types of swimsuits are your favorite/most flattering on you?

KD: I try to workout as much as I can. Since I met Joey, I’ve changed my eating habits which has had a huge impact on my body and health. I feel clean, healthy, and more energetic. I now eat lots of vegetables and fish instead of red meats. I stopped eating fried foods and drinking sodas. I like to jog outside and lift weights at the gym. Joey and I workout together sometimes so we tend to push each other to do better. About my bathing suit, as many Venezuelan girls, I love wearing my thong to the beach, so I can get a nice tan. I don’t have a specific brand that I always buy, I just like cute, small and colorful bathing suits

JV: Who are your fashion icons? Is there anyone whose closet you wish you could have?

KD & JA: That’s a hard question to answer because we don’t really look at the tabloids. We kind of just shop and put our own outfits together. We tend to ask each other: does this look good? Haha but I don’t think I would want to be in someone’s closet. If I had to say somebody, I think I probably like Jessica Alba’s style.

JV: Karina, what do you wear on date nights out with Joey? What type of clothing do you feel you look best in and why?

KD: When Joey and I go out on dates, I like looking sexy. I definitely wear dresses or skirts with high heals and cute sexy shirts. I’m tiny compared to him so I have to wear high heels most of the time. I know he also likes smoky eyes so I try to please him as much as I can. Gotta keep my man happy! Lol.

JV: Are you guys people who are always dressed up? Or do you love lounging around in sweats when your at home hanging out together?

KD: We aren’t always super dressed up but we definitely look good for each other. I think that in a relationship, it’s very important to keep it fresh an keep the excitement going. I think you should always look good for your man even if you’re at home. I don’t necessarily mean having makeup on, but definitely look sexy and clean. If not, I believe that eyes will start wandering around.

JV: Are there any workout clothes that you absolutely love?

KD: We both like Lululemon and Nike. My butt looks amazing in those workout pants!

Be sure to follow Karina on twitter: @Kari185

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