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Marcellas Reynolds: Top 5 for Fall

Summer is fading, and wardrobes will be changing. What’s still hot and what’s totally not? What to keep and what to toss? For most of us, these questions rack our brains until we end up making a mess of our closet, giving up, & recycling all of last years pieces. Not all trends are bad to hang on to, but there are some that, yes, are SO 2013.

Need some help?
Meet Marcellas Reynolds; TV Host, Entertainment Reporter, Wardrobe Stylist and your new favorite person. His personality is brighter than the neon bathing suit hanging in your closet, his knowledge of fashion is out of this world, and he can make you laugh hysterically about basically anything. Working as a Wardrobe Stylist for notable clients such as Elle, British Vogue, GQ, Lexus automobiles, RoC Skincare and catalog clients like Lord & Taylor, Bon-ton and Kohl’s you know you are in good hands with him. On top of those clients, you can catch Marcellas on Fox News LA talking fashion, entertainment and pop culture. You may even run into him at Macy’s where he works as a Style Ambassador traveling across the country hosting live fashion shows, meet and greets and on-air fashion segments on regional news.

Lucky for us (and you) Marcellas gave us some very #Bingeworthy style advice & we’re sharing with you today! He helps us understand why things do and do not work, and you will feel right at home with his wit, charm & advice.

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Top 5 for Fall According to Marcellas Reynolds:

Top 5 Fashion Must Haves:
1. A great coat: Perhaps oversized, definitely in grey or camel. Wear it with a big leather belt to add shape.
2. Textured tights: Wolford has amazing knit tights that add interest when worn with short skirts & high boots.
3. Sweater dressing: Whether an Azzedine Alaia inspired mini dress, fitted, flare & flirty or a tight angora sweater worn with trousers or a pencil skirt, the sweater is the must have layering piece for Fall.
4. Wedge heeled booties: Get them in suede! So cool & modern with jeans & menswear inspired trousers.
5. Statement jewels: Think important pieces (necklaces & rings) that would make Diana Vreeland green with envy.

Top 5 Fashions From Fall 2013 To Toss From Your Closet:
5. Round toe platform pumps The pointy toe stiletto is back & it erases everything.
4. Anything neon
3. Bandage dresses only They work on strippers. Or Russian mail order brides.
2. Super skinny jeans are passe. Denim now needs to be ripped, distressed & a lil big.
1. CROP TOPS Enough! We get it, your stomach is good. Work on your personality.

Top 5 Celebrity Icons to Watch this Fall:
5. Mary-Kate & Ashley 2 words: The Row. And we wanna see the wedding gown.
4. Gigi Hadid The newly minted supermodel & reality star’s daughter is Tom Ford’s muse. Yeah, that will rub off on her.
3. Lizzy Caplan No, you aren’t watching HBO’s oh so highbrow Masters of Sex but you should be. And follow Lizzy’s sartorial choices now. She dresses smart. And proves it can be sexy.
2. Olivia Palermo We anxiously await her shoe line with Aquazzura. And covet whatever she wears & the amazing way she wears it.
1. Charlize Theron Word on the street is the World’s most beautiful woman is marrying Sean Penn sooner than later. As the FACE of Dior that dress will amaze!

Top 5 Celebrities who Failed at Summer Fashion:
5. Miley Cyrus Damn I’m glad that tour ended.
4. Iggy Azalea Stop pumping. And enough with the crop tops.
3. Vanessa Hudgens Stop going to festivals. And get a job.
2. Rachel McAdams That sweater you wore on The Today Show? Yeah. Don’t ever do that again.
1. Solange I just don’t get it. I think she beat up Jay Z coz he said her Met Gala dress was ugly.

5 Worst Fall Fashions of All Time:
5. Boots with Everything I don’t care how comfy they are, Uggs are ugh. And boots & shorts should never exist in the same outfit. It’s either too cold for shorts or too hot for boots.
4. Leggings & stirrup pants I just threw up in my mouth a bit. Leggings are not pants.
3. Skinny jeans on Men If you aren’t tall & thin, you look like a curvy, fat girl from the waist down. If you are tall & skinny, you look like you’re wearing your lil sister’s pants.
2. Velvet The fabric itself evokes warm memories of your mom dressed up for the holidays, your grandma’s curtains & Laura Ashley. Need I say more?
1. The turtleneck Short of Audrey Hepburn I’ve never seen anyone look good in a turtleneck. And I think that was a mock turtleneck so it barely counts.

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