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If you’re lucky, once in a lifetime you connect with an artist or band on a more personal level than just enjoying their sound. For me, that band was Anberlin. Though Anberlin said farewell last year, in which I made sure to catch them one last time at The House of Blues in Chicago, their sound still resonates within me today. It’s beyond words to express my thanks and admiration to Stephen Christian, former member of Anberlin current Anchor & Braille star, someone I’ve followed for a long time who seems just as kind as he is talented.

Stephen was kind enough to answer some of our burning questions about what life is like after Anberlin, how he finds balance and digs deeper into all things Anchor & Braille.

We last saw you in Chicago at the House of Blues for the Anberlin farewell tour, we could see the emotion and dedication you had with the group. How has the transition been to Anchor & Braille and how often do you think back about all the memories you had with the guys from Anberlin?

I have been doing A&B for a few years now, and I only toured twice in all those years, but it remains the same as day one- a passion project which allows me to explore new musical horizons on my own terms. I do think about all those years in Anberlin, it is apart of who I was, I think about aspects of that time a lot; whether its telling someone about a coffee shop they should go to in San Fran or planning to go to Brazil again this year, memories and ghosts from Anberlin stay with me.

How have you’ve managed to get out 3 albums under your belt since 2009 (‘Felt’, ‘The Quiet Life’ and now ‘Songs For The Late Night Drive Home’) along with juggling your life and keeping a successful Anberlin career?

ADHD. It’s the source of a lot of frustration yet success in my life.


Have you worked with anyone in the past that helped inspire this album? What keeps you motivated on getting albums out?

Ryan Bernal, the producer, kept me straight during the recording process, he was a massive help. As far as inspirations for this record I would have to say Frank Ocean, Cliff Martinez, Ernest Greene, Thom Yorke, and Pat Grossi.

When we listened to the new album “Songs For The Late Night Drive Home” we were so drawn to the difference in sound and overall feeling the music gave off… has this style been something you were always interested in or did it happen over time in your career?

I think electronica has always been apart of Anberlin, even on our first record Sprinkle entwined a lot of program. I think I loved it more and more as the years progressed. I absorb the music I listen to and pour it out onto each A&B record I release, you can hear my influences pretty transparently on each individual record. I don’t hide it.

Pick one song out of your portfolio. What is it and why?

Knew Then Know Now; personal lyrics, universally applicable, melodic, with an fusion of electronic and real instrumentation.

What’s next for you, are there any plans for touring?

I am going to be doing my LP4 with Aaron Marsh which I am really excited about. We shall see on the touring, currently, I have an aversion to any mode of transportation that takes me away from my family, especially a tour bus.

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