Lifeline: Laura Wilson Shares Full Body Workout

From cardio belts to chest expanders to power wheels, there is something for everyone – no matter what fitness level- at Lifeline. To head out of Binge Fitness Week with a bang, we are here to share with you Laura Wilson’s Full Body Workout below.

Lifeline Full Body at Home Workout
Complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each grouping of exercises for a full body strength training workout. Give yourself minimal rest between exercises, but be sure to set your posture and position the equipment. Continue to work through each mini-circuit until completed 3 times. Take a 1 ½ – 2 minute break before beginning the next mini-circuit.

1) 60⁰ Body row – JGXT
2) 60⁰ Push-up – JGXT
3) Squat (hold handles just in front of shoulders) – Resistance cables
4) Bulgarian lunge (one foot in strap) – JGXT

1) Assist pull-up – JGXT
2) Bicep curls (standing on cable) – Resistance cables
3) Knee-ins (feet in) – Power Wheel
4) Hamstring curls (feet in) – Power Wheel

1) Tricep kickbacks (standing on cable) – Resistance cables
2) Plank (holding PW) – Power Wheel
3) Oblique roll-out (on knees) – Power Wheel
4) Lateral raise to front raise (standing on cable – Resistance cables

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