Let’s Kickstart Binge Magazine!

Are you ready to get this party {kick}started? Binge Magazine is thrilled to welcome you to our 1st. We’re excited to bring an opportunity for others to get involved and help us make Binge Magazine a digital masterpiece!

With your help, we can bring more Binge Weekly Events to life such as #BingeWineWeek, #BingeFitnessWeek and many many more! We’re always up for collaborating, and by helping us meet our Kickstarter goal, we will be sure that you, too, are becoming part of our Binge community! No deed goes unnoticed and we are forever grateful for your support.

A Bit Of Binge Background:
In February 2014, two people brought Binge Magazine to life from scratch. We are very passionate about what we do; designing, writing, brainstorming, helping others, drinking wine, and showing people that live is too short to not binge on positive things. Beyond Binge, we currently both work full time jobs (and plenty of odd jobs in-between) to fund our own project, Binge Magazine. We understand that sometimes seeking opportunity doesn’t cut it, and instead you must create it! With your help, we can help others create their own opportunity and make Binge the new BIG thing.

It’s been close to a year and we have watched Binge grow tremendously beyond just content-wise. We now interact with our readers daily and that’s something we binge on. Their thirst for our fun, original and interactive content has become addicting. It’s become harder than ever to not only publish daily, but to also do the tech portion of developing the responsive website; fixing bugs, testing new builds, tending to financial matters, responding to all emails, updating our beloved social media channels and trying to balance it all between other work and not missing out on the beauty life has to offer.

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