Let’s Entertain: Paramount Events’ Top 10 Trends for Holiday Entertaining

Holiday entertaining is sacred at Binge Magazine, and we can guarantee it’s sacred — or at least necessary — for you as well. No matter if it’s by choice or not, everyone wants to throw the memorable event of the season. You may ask how that’s possible when you’ve got 3 get together’s every night until January 1st, but thanks to Paramount Events you’ve got this one in the bag!

Paramount Events is ready for the holiday season with ten trends for staging memorable holiday flings. Try this out at your own party and share photos with us using the hashtag #BingeOnParamountEvents

Keep guests toasty chili pop-up stations
Add a touch of gold for shiny treats like chocolate hazelnut tarts
Sides-only menus, with grilled asparagus, roasted potatoes, cauliflower and more
Add purple carrots, parsnips and other vibrant ingredients to dishes for color
Infuse items with natural smoke such as applewood, cherry or hickory
Steamy soups like of Paramount’s autumn sweet potato soup
Seasonal beverages like Paramount’s Harvest Time Tea cocktail
Incorporate popular game meats like bison and venison into party meals
Host retro-style dinners with items like deviled eggs and spicy Sriracha mousse
Savory pies with ingredients like short rib and root vegetables



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