Let’s Dish: Tanta

Whether you’re already familiar with Peruvian cuisine, or have never tried it before, you are in for a treat at Tanta. Step inside and prepare to be taken on a culinary journey through Peru. Tanta combines the flavors and culture of each area throughout Peru, which makes for an impeccable menu focusing on blending fare from China, Japan, Spain and Italy.

Tanta believes in the power of a meal and thrives on the aspect bringing friends and family closer by sharing food and making memories. Although brunch is not a normal Peruvian tradition, Tanta has taken a leap and brought brunch to Chicago. Being served family-style on Sunday’s only, Tanta’s brunch menu is expanding as people flock to taste the items Chef de Cuisine Jesus Delgado has put together, and for good reason.

Flavorful, plentiful and passionate are a few words I would use to describe the items on Tanta’s brunch menu. It’s clear that each item is executed with as much enthusiasm as skill. Make sure to make a reservation as Sunday’s fill up quickly!

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Tiradito Cremoso {new menu item}
chef’s selection fish, scallop emulsion, avocado, chalaca, olive oil

Quinoa Solterito {new menu item}
quinoa salad, lima bean hummus, beets, organic tomatoes, goat cheese

Pulpo Criollo
octopus braised in aji-panca, confit potatoes, roasted piquillo peppers, rocoto aioli

Chicharron Waffle
belgium waffle, crispy pork belly glazed with panca chili honey, seasonal berry compote

Plato Anticuchero {new menu item}
grilled beef heart, anticucho sauce, soft fried egg, roasted potatoes, chalaca garnish, huacatay sauce


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