Let’s Celebrate: Prosciutto Week at Eataly Chicago

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If you’re anything like the team at Binge Magazine, you agree with us that prosciutto (and all Italian cured meats) is often treated as a food group of it’s own. We couldn’t be more excited to dabble into the world of prosciutto at Eataly Chicago this week. From pop-up shops to special dishes, we guarantee this will not disappoint your taste buds!

All week, Eataly Chicago is celebrating Levoni’s delicious prosciutto with featured dishes, market specials, and a unique salumi-focused class!

Levoni, a family-owned premium salumi producer, has sustained a tradition of creating mouthwatering aromas uniquely combined with distinctive flavors to create truly exceptional salumi. Eataly chose Levoni because throughout every process, the Levoni family never compromises on quality.


In celebration of Prosciutto Week, our chefs have curated a few delicious prosciutto dishes which will be featured in some of our restaurants!

Try the halibut with prosciutto brodo and peas in Il Pesce & Le Verdure, the classic combination of prosciutto and melon in La Piazza and Osteria di Eataly, and the prosciutto ravioli with arugula pesto and breadcrumbs from La Pizza & La Pasta (pictured below)!



Prosciutto is the star this week, but we will be featuring a different cured meat every day of Prosciutto Week to lead up to Prosciutto Day on Friday, August 7.

All week long, Eataly will offer complimentary samples of Levoni cured meats and prosciutto from 12-7 p.m. each day, and all purchases of the featured meat for the day will receive a 20% discount.

On Prosciutto Day, Friday, August 7, we will offer 50% off of all purchases of Levoni Prosciutto di San Daniele DOP.


Prosciutto Week wouldn’t be complete without a visit from one of our dearest local partners, Greg Laketek from West Loop Salumi!

Greg will walk us through an in-depth look at salumi, the Italian art of cured meats. Greg will lead the class through the process of curing and trussing culatello, made from the hind leg of a pig, with a soft, supple texture similar to prosciutto. Our Chef of La Scuola, Adam Weisell, will then show the class how to incorporate culatello into different culinary dishes, and will prepare a 3-course meal to enjoy. Reserve your spot now!

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