Let’s Celebrate: National Rum Day {Recipes}

Served with juice, served alone… as long as rum is served under the sun, there’s truly a rum drink for everyone!

This National Rum Day, Sunday 8/16, celebrate with these five recommended rum-infused recipes thanks to top Chicago bartenders.

1) ZOMBIE FROM THE PROMONTORY | promontorychicago.com

Cocktail creator Dustin Drankiewicz adds a tropical twist and some added zest to his tiki-inspired classic blended rum cocktail that infuses papaya sour and saigon sugar to create a beautiful balance of fresh citrus, papaya, cinnamon, rum and Falernum to yield the Zombie. Inspired by Don Beach in 1932, combining rum and fruit juices for Don’s “The Beach Combers” Hollywood restaurant, Drankiewicz’ take on this tropically-inclined concoction combines fresh seasonal ingredients with island rums to present a blend of seasonal and spicy for a splash of stimulating flavor, allowing patrons an easy way to cool off.

ZOMBIE | by Dustin Drankiewicz | $10
1oz light rum
1oz dark rum
1oz velvet falernum
1/2oz lime
1/2oz Saigon syrup
1 oz Papaya sour

Prep: Combine light rum, dark rum and velvet falernum. Add in lime and Saigon syrup and Papaya sour. Add to blender with 8-10 larger scale ice cubes, let blend for 12-15 seconds. Pour and serve with lime wheel and fresh mint.

2) OLD SALT NO. 2 FROM THE WHISTLER | whistlerchicago.com

Think of it as a smooth, slow-melting salted caramel Old Fashioned featuring overproof rum. It’s on the drier side and quite aromatic due to the aggressive rums.

OLD SALT NO. 2 | by Eric Henry | $10
1 oz Lemon Hart 151 Rum
1 oz Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum
.25 oz Burnt Sugar Syrup
20 drops Salt and Granulated Honey Tincture
2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Served on a big rock.
No garnish.

3) DUSEK’S PUNCH #5 FROM PUNCH HOUSE | punchhousechicago.com

The Dusek’s Punch #5 from Punch House combines Brugal Dry Rum, Mezcal, 5Rabbits Paletas, Strega, lemon and chili salt, in addition to a rotating local 5Rabbits beer to create a classic punch build that abides by the Five Punch Commandments: strong, weak, bitter, sour and sweet. This acclaimed rum punch gives nod to both its beer-focused bar and restaurant upstairs, Dusek’s, and local Chicago craft brewery 5Rabbits. Radical.

DUSEK’S PUNCH #5 | by Dustin Drankiewicz | $8
1 oz Brugal Dry Rum
1/4oz Mezcal (vida)
1/2oz lemon

Prep: Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass, shake with cracked ice. Pour over ice and a medium-sized glass. Top with 5Rabbits rotating seasonal offering over ice. For a bit of a kick, rim your glass with a chili salt (chili powder and a chunky salt).


Farmhouse Chicago, a Midwestern craft tavern situated in Chicago’s River North neighborhood doesn’t mess around when it comes to crafting the perfect rum-based beverage. Inspired by its creator’s favorite afternoon tunes, The King Medicine cocktail pays tribute to bartender Erik Wiseman’s beloved Jets to Brazil song. This tiki-esque drink will have you dancing on your tip-toes at first taste. Find The King Medicine at Farmhouse Chicago, Farmhouse Evanston and the upcoming Lakeview Farm Bar.

THE KING MEDICINE | by Erik Wiseman | $12
1oz Taildragger Amber Rum (Plainfield, Illinois)
.5oz Corsair Spiced Rum
.25oz Koval Rose Hip liqueur
.5oz Napoleon Mandarin
.25oz fresh lime juice
.5oz Pineapple juice
2 dashes each of Angostura bitters and peach bitters
3-4 sprigs of mint
A sprinkle of cinnamon

Prep: In a mixing glass combine Taildragger Amber Rum, Corsair Spiced Rum, Koval Rose Hip liqueur and Napoleon Mandarin. Add lime and pineapple juice along with dashes of Angostura bitters and peach bitters. Toss in mint and add sprinkle of cinnamon. Add ice and shake. Strain into a rocks glass and top with crushed ice. Garnish generously with mint and orange wheel, as well as another sprinkle of cinnamon.

5) TEMPEST FROM OLD TOWN SOCIAL | oldtownsocial.com

Old Town’s go-to sporting parlor and favorite neighborhood bar serves as a prime gathering spot for locals, presenting guests an inviting menu in a laid-back atmosphere. The inspiration of the Tempest was to introduce a variation on a Dark and Stormy, the national drink of Bermuda, including Brugal Rum. Mixologist Sarah VonderHaar wanted to create a cocktail that Chicagoans could enjoy during the sultry summer days. This easy sipper is perfect for patio season, and allows Chicagoans to elicit that feeling of being in the Caribbean during the few months of beautiful sunshine we get to enjoy in Chicago. Cheers to that!

TEMPEST | by Sarah VonderHaar | $12

1 oz. Brugal Extra Dry Run
1 oz. Goslings Dark Rum
5 Drops Chesapeake Bay Bitters
Ginger Beer Top

Prep: Combine Brugal Extra Dry Rum and bitters in a shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a highball over ice. Add ginger beer and float with 1 oz. Goslings Dark Rum. Garnish with an orange peel.

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