Let’s Brew at Level Two

Chicago is full of one-of-a-kind people, places, and things. That’s especially true in the culinary aspect, with some of the best chefs and best restaurants out-doing the status quo. When it comes to drinks, though, we sometimes forget about the craft beer brilliance that the Midwest has to offer.

Beer is sometimes taken for granted, we grab a can and enjoy one without ever blinking an eye. We find a beer we like, we stick to it, and that’s that. Why? Sometimes the pressure of making a decision when the bartender asks “what would you like” puts us on the spot and we choose what we know. We grab a case of the same beer over and over again at the store, and we never venture out of that beer-circle. What if I told you there is one place in the city, with beautiful decor, who offers only local beer that is brewed within 125 miles of Chicago? Level Two embraces the Midwest’s incredible breweries, supports local businesses, and gives you the perfect spot to venture out and find your new favorite beer!The knowledgeable staff are able to help you find your favorite local beer based on your favorite flavor profiles. To get you started, we created a quiz with four of our local favorites, grab some friends, take the quiz and plan your next night out at Level Two.

Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile has partnered with Lurie Children’s Hospital to raise an ambitious $15,000 through our Room for Hope campaign to benefit their efforts and help save lives. Level Two is supporting this great campaign through Change for Hope. There is an extra line on your bill should you wish to contribute to this great cause by rounding up your change, which will go directly to Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Beverage Corner: Complimentary tasting events Friday through Monday evenings, click here for October’s calendar of events!
Live Entertainment: Tuesday through Thursday evenings
Weekend Brunch Specials: $15 per person {The Brunch selection also includes an additional $15 access to unlimited “build your own” bloody mary bar as well as mimosa bar.}
Craft Beer Specials Available Year Round

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