Let’s Dish: Slurping Turtle

‘Tis the season of comfort food! No matter how hard we try during the cold weather months, we can’t help but crave some tasy, high carb foods every once in a while. This winter, instead of popping in a pizza, hanging out in your pjs and having those carbs go places they shouldn’t, plan a night out with friends and indulge a little. The Slupring Turtle will warm you up with a variety of Japanese comfort food.

The energetic atmosphere will set the mood for a fun night out, and a plentiful menu will help cure all of those cravings. The menu at Slurping Turtle is perfect for sharing which is ideal because decisions are not easy on a menu as delicious as this!

Ramen has always been a fan favorite, but just recently it’s status has upped a tremendous amount. Ramen is perfect for a cold night and Slurping Turtle has a great variety to choose from. Our Binge favorite is the Tan Tan Men Ramen which is not only satisfying because of the noodles, but the flavors are ones to savor as it warms you up! The Tan Tan Men Ramen consists of homemade ramen noodles, pork meatball, pork chashu, pork miso, bok choy, bean sprouts.

Not familiar with Japanese cuisine? No need to worry! The staff is armed with recommendations and brief, but exact descriptions that will have you trying something you may have never even heard of!

Binge Recommends:
To Start: Ceviche (A Binge Favorite)
octopus, scallops, shrimp, squid, yuzu-ceviche dressing

Sashmi is always a must!

Pork Belly Baos (this alone will comfort your cravings)
STurtle_002 (1)

Chahan (rice bowl)
japanese fried rice, choice of pork chashu, roasted chicken, vegetable, shrimp or pick 3 combination

What’s a night out without a good drink? Here are a few of our favorites:
Groundhog Day
Suntory Smash

Or grab a beer from the Japanese selection:
Hitachino White, Japan
Orion, Japan
Echigo Stout, japan
Asahi, Japan
Kirin Ichiban, Japan
Kirin Ichiban Light, Japan


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