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King Joakim Noah

And the award goes for Defensive Player of the Year goes to…Joakim Noah. So what does this mean for the Chicago Bulls?


Joakim winning the Defensive Player of the year award is really a testament for Coach Tom Thibodeau who remains one of the best coaches in the league if not in all sports today. Coach Thibs finds ways to win with whatever or whoever he has. No talent? No problem. No heart? Don’t want em! Get em’ out of here! Willing to work hard? Want to win? Love to play. Coach Thibs is your man. No questions ask. Truth is, not many coaches can win like the Bulls or can do what they have done in the past 3 years. Most coaches would get fired, quit, or give up and tank… Coach Thibs no way.


Joakim may not win Most Valuable Player this year but he is most likely to finish 3rd or 4th in the race, and if I recall the last person to do both was Michael Jordan in 1988. This should bring a lot of respect back over to the Bulls considering former NBA MVP Derrick Rose has been out for 2 straight years and has forced the Bulls to trade away valuable talent like Luol Deng and Marco Belinelli.


The Bulls core players will continue to develop and thrive under Joakim and Coach Thibs, and the front office should really appreciate that. Why? This opens the door wide open to bring in great talent to Chicago without even recruiting them like Miami did with the Big 3. Players all around the league should want to play on a team like this, and for a coach like Thibs. Does Joakim talking to Carmelo Anthony during the All-Star game ring a bell?


Watch out Derrick Rose… Joakim’s jersey may sell more this year. In all fairness, Rose has been out for 2 years now and Joakim has stepped up tremendously without playing it up like our buddies in South Beach. I think it is safe to say that this is now Joakim’s team and we hope that Rose understands that and feed off of it.


Bulls still remain the underdogs.
You can crown Derrick Rose the MVP, you can give Joakim Noah the Defensive Player of the Year Award, and you can name Coach Thibs the Coach of the year but no matter what, Bulls will never be favorite to win it all…Unless they get Carmelo…Maybe…


Does this make Joakim more valuable all around?
Not 110% sure on what the status of Joakim’s contract is but I wonder if he is smelling a fat check like Derrick Rose got not so long ago. Will the Bulls pay? What would they have to lose? This makes me nervous…

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