Keys to a Workout Routine

If someone has ever told you it was easy to create, and stay true to, a routine, they may be lying. Thoughts of almost-impossible routines come and go in our lives- say, vegetarian for a week? Running 10+ miles a day for a week? These sound extreme to the point that instead of inspiring, it can be downright defeating. After all, who has this will-power?

We’re here to tell you it is not about doing all those scary fasts and workouts, but rather getting yourself comfortable with your body and what you need in a routine. We all have different faults, and different problem areas, which is why it’s important to find what works for you. Yes, please still trust an expert, as they can point you in the right direction, but there are a few keys that you need to figure out for yourself.

Test out different times

Wake up early and head to the gym. See if that time works for you. Remind yourself that if you go early and train your body to naturally wake up early enough before work it can open up more relaxing time after your work day opposed to going to the gym after work.

If your morning workouts aren’t working out, try a mid day break. If you are able to escape during a lunch break try that out. Many people may not have the luxury of a gym or lunch break but if you can get away, it’s worth checking out.

Sometimes, after work-workouts aren’t the best bet- timing wise. Remember, you don’t have to go to the gym. You can always workout outside or inside depending on your climate. Testing out different times is huge because it plays more than just a body reaction, it comes down to what is more effiecent for your lifestyle and your normal activites pertaining to work, personal and family matters.

Dedicate each day to a certain muscle or muscle group

Attempting to work out each part of your body within a one-workout period can not only be stressful, but it can actually not be beneficial at all. Sure, you can do some crazy circuits, but sometimes those may not be safe or effective enough for you to force your mind to get in the habit of sticking to a routine.

Try labeling out certain muscle groups on certain days. Make Mondays leg days and Tuesdays upper body day and so on. This allows you to go into your next day with a plan. Think of it as just having an agenda for yourself.

Look into getting a trainer

Yes, they can be expensive but trust me there are some who are willing to work with you.
Seek some guidance for a while then take it upon yourself after they build that inner motivation to want to workout everyday by yourself. If it helps make you go workout because you are paying some one in advance and that can keep you going because you don’t want to waste money, then do it!

Do your research

Educate yourself! Pick up some magazines or look up some blogs… (! cough, cough to inspire yourself to try new exercises or training systems. Write these things down in a journal, and bring the notebook with you. Create a checklist of things you want to do at the gym or that day in general and challenge yourself.

Create goals

Go to your nearest calendar and say I want to be XXX pounds or be able to run this many miles under so many minutes and keep yourself on pace for that.

Find motivation

Watch a movie that gets your emotions flying, or a song that gets you pumped. Sometimes these are the best things to get you going. Read a great novel and put yourself in a position to want to be better at all you do. Listen to some music to get your juices flowing. Go outside the box to find any type of inspiration and use that to fuel the fire as you work out.

Its only 60 minutes of your day

I think people forget that it really is only 60 minutes of your day being tested by this thing called fitness. After the 60 minutes are done with, you can go back to your regular schedule. After those 60 minutes you can have your glass of wine, watch Shark Week, eat a burger (if you want, not suggesting it) but you can be proud that you accomplished a physical feat.

Reward yourself

After a few days of working out hard and eating good, have an ice cream bar or cookies. Cheat day is not a fake thing. It is there for you to reward your body for taking the beating and allowing your indulgences to take action.

Have fun

The moment you loose the fun aspect of it, it becomes a chore.

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