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KettleWorX: The Global Leader in Kettlebell Fitness

If you’ve ever picked up a kettlebell, you know that there are a million exercises to do with it, and each one is effective and unique. Did you know that according to an American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) study, one can burn up to 20 calories a minute while training with a kettlebell? You can also increase your core strength up to 70%. Too good to be true? We think not!

We couldn’t be more excited to kick-off #BingeFitness Week with the Global Leader in Kettlebell Fitness- KettleWorX!

We have a brief overview of the new KettleWorX programs (and THREE giveaways which include the entire program via DVD AND a 5 lb. kettleworx kettlebell!) as well as an exclusive interview with Alex Isaly, Lead Trainer and Spokesperson for KettleWorX, not to mention two inspiring and amazing KettleWorX testimonials. Read on for more, and head to our facebook to find out how to enter to win this giveaway!

KettleWorX new 8-Week Rapid Evolution is the fast, fun and effective 20-minute kettlebell training program that features . KettleWorX was designed to make the most effective use of your time, thus training smarter not longer. In order to achieve this, KettleWorX features 3-dimensional movements (functional training) coupled with plyometric movements resulting in high intensity interval training for a total body workout (in 20 minutes).

Binge Magazine: There are so many different workout DVD’s out there, what differentiates KettleWorX from the rest?

Alex Isaly: What makes the KettleWorX program unique compared to other DVD workouts is that it’s fast, fun and effective by incorporating both traditional kettlebell movements and plyometric exercises that anyBODY can do. It’s the perfect combination of resistance, core and cardio training.

A lot of the DVD workouts fall into the EXTREME training category that not everyone can do. They are either unsafe or too challenging. KettleWorX is designed for someone who is new to kettlebell training all the way to an elite athlete.

BM: We see the success of KettleWorX users all over, how many times a week do you recommend our readers who are just beginning KettleWorX use the program?

AI: For those doing KettleWorX for the first time all you need to commit to is 20 minutes a day 3 times a week to get a total body transformation.

BM: There are so many great programs in the KettleWorX DVD’s- say our readers only have a few minutes to grab the Kettlebell and get to work- what are the best KettleWorX exercises for Arms? Abs?

AI: I would have to say one of my favorite arm exercises in the KettleWorX 8-Week Rapid Evolution program is the ‘Figure 8 with bicep curl’. This movement really isolates the biceps at the same time engages the core and legs.

Studies show that when kettlebell training, core strength can be increased up to 70%. The Windmill is a great kettlebell exercise to not only increase core strength, but help get you that lean and toned midsection.

BM: What is your favorite KettleWorX program? Why that one?

AI: They are ALL my favorite! I am not sure I could say that I have one specific favorite program. You can never get bored doing KettleWorX.

However, if I had to pick though, I would say “Resistance Strike”. It’s the very first workout on the 8-Week Rapid Evolution calendar. In my opinion, the first workout of any program sets the stage for what the participant is going to experience for the next 8 weeks. It has to be fun and motivating. I am a true believer that if you don’t create a great experience the first time, it’s hard to stay committed to the program.

BM: What advice do you give to our readers who are just starting out the KettleWorX program?

AI: Set a specific goal on what you want out of KettleWorX! Whether it’s to lose weight, or increase your fitness level, set a target and go for it. If you commit to the KettleWorX 8-Week Rapid Evolution program you’ll not only get an incredible total body transformation but you’ll change the way feel about yourself which will affect everything else in your life!

Not convinced yet? (You must be crazy!) Well, we have REAL life testimonials for you. See how KettleWorX changed these two bodies and lives, then give it a try yourself!

Jeff, before KettleWorX:

Jeff, after KettleWorX:

In his own words:
“I have TONS more energy, I am wearing clothes that fit me versus clothes that hide me.

Prior to doing the KettleWorX program; I was diagnosed with having high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was shocked because I went to the gym 2-3 times a week and ate fairly healthy.

Ironically, during the time that I was seeking a new wellness program, Alex Islay was completing his video shoots for KettleWorX and had recommended that I give it a try.

I went ALL in and completed the 8 week “test”!

I am overwhelmed with the results that I achieved through KettleWorX. Not only did I lose 25 pounds, but my lifestyle completely changed. I have TONS more energy, I am wearing clothes that fit me versus clothes that hide me. My blood pressure and cholesterol have been tested and confirmed to be at the levels of a healthy 25 year old.

I couldn’t imagine NOT having this program in my life. IT TRULY CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

I can’t wait to continue with this program and witness further changes.
KettleWorX WORKS!”
– Jeff, 25 lbs.

Annika, before KettleWorX:

Annika, after KettleWorX:

In her own words:
“Doing the KettleWorX program changed my life. During pregnancy I gained 61 lbs. After about a year, I really started getting nervous because I couldn’t seem to shed that extra 10 lbs. I was working out in the group X classes and thought I was eating right, but it just wouldn’t come off. The KettleWorX program really dialed in my diet and changed the way I think about eating. It was really easy and the DVD’s were very effective and the kettlebells really changed my body. I had never really incorporated weights before.
Thank you KettleWorX!”
– Annika, 10 lbs.

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