Kat Dahlia: Crazy Good

Kat Dahlia may be moving faster into the music spotlight than most could imagine even herself and that isn’t a bad thing. The Cuban-American singer-songwriter has proven once again that powerful women can make their mark in the music industry when they are determined and inspired to do big things. Dahlia is just one of the many Latina artists to emerge in the pop/hip-hop world which has given her own edge to her music and sound.

The Miami native looks to continue her success on tour with her dangerous, yet sharp voice to many of her growing fan base which is now over the 140k mark on Twitter. Check out our interview with Dahlia below.

As a young Cuban woman, what was it like growing up in Miami? When did you decide this was what you wanted to do for a living?
I always knew I wanted to be in music since I was a kid. Growing up in Miami is like growing up anywhere, except it’s hot all the time, you have a beach nearby and you go out to clubs really young.

How have your parents responded throughout the years?
At first they didn’t approve, and then when they started to see that positive things were happening they supported me.

Can you describe how the hot mix of pop, Latin, hip-hop and reggae influences all came together?
It’s something unconscious. It’s just everything I listened to growing up so it naturally comes out when I create. I love creating music and love sharing it with people.

What is the biggest challenge of creating unique music and keeping up with latest trends in the music industry?
I think the biggest challenge is just staying true to who you are when creating music and NOT trying to chase a trend.

What are the next steps in your career? Where do you want to go and do?
I can’t wait to drop my album ‘My Garden’ Jan. 13th! It’s so exciting for me especially since it’s been so long since I came out with Gangsta. I’m on tour now and honestly right now I’m just enjoying this moment. We’ll see what the future holds.

If you could play with anyone in the world (sing, write, perform, record, play with) who would it be?
BB King.. We’d just drink and play the blues all night.

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