Kali: Making Feminine Products Safer and Chic at the Same Time

Did you know that most female hygiene products contain harmful ingredients? According to the Huffington Post: “feminine hygiene products can be likened to a “ticking time bomb” due to years of exposure. The average American woman uses 16,800 tampons in her lifetime — or up to 24,360 if she’s on estrogen replacement therapy. And that’s just tampons. Many women use different types of sanitary pads, alone or with tampons, and there’s also nursing pads.”

A few harmful ingredients found in many tampons and maxi pads include pesticides, dyes, and dioxin. With this truth becoming exposed more and more women today are starting question their regular go-to products. Kali was founded out of a desire to raise awareness, or at the very least, raise the conversation of what woman are putting in their bodies and how it is affecting them. On a larger scale, how does using a non-biodegradable feminine hygiene product affect the environment? Founders Sara and Jonna answer a few questions below about Kali and their philanthropic partner Girl Up.

I think it’s fair to say a majority of women don’t’ realize the amount of toxins that may be hiding in their feminine products, what was your most shocking discovery?

Without a doubt, chlorine bleach. I think that is the most shocking to women because they know what a powerful and familiar chemical that is. To think that they’ve been putting it into their bodies for years is really scary to people. When you stop to think about how white and perfect cotton tampons are, it starts to make sense, but if you’ve never been told that, you may have never even thought about it.

How are you going about educating women on the importance of selecting safe/nontoxic feminine products?

We try to encourage women to pay attention what’s going into their bodies, period. Tampons are part of that. We don’t want to use scare tactics or beat people over the head with the information…we just know what our initial reaction was to finally finding out about organic options for feminine hygiene (which was like OMG why didn’t we ever think about that-we are using organic for everything else!!) and want to share that education. We also think that any conversation about menstruation is a good conversation. Getting women talking about this in an open and honest way without being ashamed or embarrassed is a big part of our mission.

How did you select Girl Up as your philanthropic partner? Why was it important for you to give back?

Girl Up was just speaking our language from the beginning. They are thoughtful and empowering in their approach and we share the same appreciation for transparency. Being organic and socially conscious were two non-negotiables when it came to founding our company, it never occurred to us not to give back.

What are people saying about Kali Boxes?

Women want options! And we are working on accommodating that. We’ll be adding pads and liners into our boxes this Summer. Additionally, our Kali Girls are loving the extra products like the Rosewater and Coconut Scrub because it reminds them to take a little time to pamper themselves. We felt like this extra 10-minutes of me-time was the best gift we could give them.

For more information visit:https://kaliboxes.com/

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