JoLivi: Chains

Meet the Hawaiian pop artist JoLivi who just dropped her brand new single “Chains” and making noise all over the music scene with her Just For You EP. “Chains” is produced by Grammy-nominee and Juno Award winner Brandon Friesen, whose previous credits include Billy Ray Cyrus, Collective Soul, Finger Eleven and more! Throughout all of this, JoLivi continues to crush it and gain new fans like ourselves and so we honor her with this week’s “New Music Monday” pick.

Check out our Q&A session below and then have a listen to her new single “Chains”.

“Chains’ is about wanting that one more chance with the person you love.” “It’s also about recognizing that if there’s nothing there..then you have to move on.
– Has this always been the fuel behind your music development as an artist or just in this particular single?

Yes definitely… My newest EP was very revolved on one particular relationship.. some songs about specific events and some about a feeling that continued throughout the years.  It’s hard for me to write about something that I haven’t experienced myself…. and I give props to those that can….  I sometimes I wish I could write about someone else’s experience and give it the same emotions I give my own.

Tell us something that perhaps your followers and fans may not know of you yet?

My family is my everything… I’m extremely protective of the ones I love. So much that I’d do anything for them – My friends as well – they are my family too. 

Also this might be known already but I cry all the time! LOL.. I even cried watching the movie Superbad! I am extremely emotional and I’m ok with that. Sometimes I’ll put on Sade “By your side and just cry”  Happy tears.. Sad tears.. I don’t know what the fuck tears..

How has the transition from the Hawaii life to the LA scene been especially with the success of your latest work?

I went to college at Colorado State University, so I left Hawaii for that earlier and adjusted before moving to LA. But as far as the music scene it’s extremely different. LA has a lot more to offer when it comes to different genres of music. You have people from all over the world bringing something amazing to the table.

Who would be the one artist or band that you would love to collaborate with?

It’s crazy because my music is very electro pop or alt RnB. But my one true collaboration dream would be with JAMES TAYLOR. I grew up listening to his music and it’s just that feel good sound.  Also PRINCE.. I would have loved to do something with him.. OH MY GOSH..

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? 

Hopefully before that!!… A WORLD TOUR!… Making enough to give back! That’s huge for me. Being part of different organizations that can be successful in helping people all over the world.

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