Jaimie Hilfiger: Making Life Her Runway

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It takes a lot of courage, dedication, and perseverance to “fill the big shoes” of people who’ve come before us and left a legacy. Whether it’s a boss, a family member, or someone we idolize, it’s a scary yet thrilling adventure to embark on.

The multi-talented Jaimie Hilfiger never let the fear of filling big shoes (yes, she is the niece of THE Tommy Hilfiger) get in her way…and we’re glad she didn’t! Jaimie was inspired by the family business, and is well on her way to making her own legacy. Big things are on the horizon for her, and we are so excited to bring you this exclusive interview including a sneak peak into her beauty and fashion regimes. Jaime shares her airport style, skincare advice and give us an insight into her collaboration with Tanus Designs…this is an interview not to be missed!

Get to know a little more about Jaimie below, then dig into our personal interview with her.

It’s easy to see that Jaimie Hilfiger wears as many professional hats as she does fashionable ones as a model– with an upcoming television show and clothing brand, being a Huffington Post columnist and a fashionista, you can almost say she redefines the term “supermodel.” It can be hard living in the shadow of great fashion icon, Tommy Hilfiger, but his niece, Jaimie Hilfiger, does it just fine.

Like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, this American heiress is not content to just sit on her laurels. She is hard-working and industrious as she carves out her own path in life.
Influenced by her family business, Jaimie is pursuing a path as a fashion designer and model. Don’t make the assumption that her success is due to her uncle’s world-renowned fashion line though, as she has proven she has the Independence to make great things happen all on her own. Hilfiger modeled since she was young, doing work for department stores like Sears and Macy’s. It soon took a backseat, however, because her mother wanted her to engage in more social activities, since it was more of a solo act.

She attended the University of Central Florida for Broadcast Journalism however her heart was always in the modeling realm. After graduation, she decided that she wanted to pursue a career doing it outright. “It was great because I knew that I still had my bachelor’s degree and that I could use it, since being a model these days is more than just being on the runway,” Hilfiger said. On that same note, her journalistic efforts for the Huffington Post involve fashion and beauty and she loves to give tips to her friends. Her borderline precognitive skill in seeing potential trends for both topics certainly helps bolster her writing and gravitas as fashionista.

Currently, she is in talks for a reality TV show deal and working on her line of sexy loungewear for working women. She has been seen in national commercials, featured in many advertising campaigns, taken on many spokesmodel opportunities, and seen on the covers and in the pages of numerous magazines and entertainment weeklies.

Occupation(s): Model, Style Expert (CBS, MSN Living, Parade Magazine, eHow), Fashion Writer (Huffington Post, Us Weekly, Yahoo! Celebrity News, Fox News Magazine), & Designer

Dream Goal:
JH: To build an empire like Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian.

JH: My parents have taught me everything I know. They are two of the most hardworking people in this world and they have taught me to never give up and to keep reaching for the stars.

Daily Must Haves:
JH: I always like to start my day with supplements (PB8, Activated Charcoal, Serra Gold, Oil of Oregano, & BioSil), a green smoothie, french macarons (I have the biggest sweet tooth ever), and a nice dinner out with champagne, and then more supplements (they cancel out the bad stuff)!

Daily Beauty Routines:
JH: Where do I start? I am a complete beauty junkie! I have numerous routines and rituals that I do but on the daily, I always cleanse, tone, treat, and prevent with La Curcio Collection Skin Care. Other routines that I like to do are paraffin hand and feet treatments , all different types of face masks, and mineral detoxifying baths.

Favorite Fashion piece for the fall?
JH: This fall I am really excited to wear 60s inspired pieces especially because it is my favorite fashion decade. You have to be very selective and not wear hippie 60s but mod-London 1960s. There’s a definite distinction.

Favorite skin care item?
JH: My Jaimie Hilfiger Collection for La Curcio Heavenly Fragrant Hydrating Mist with Essential Minerals including GOLD & PLATINUM (available soon at http://www.lacurcio.com).

Can you give us the best advice you’ve ever received about good skin care?
JH: The best advice that I have ever received is to start the anti-aging creams early and always always always wash your face before bed.

Finish the sentence:
The most common item in my closet is…glam evening dresses. I basically have zero casual clothes, it’s almost a problem.

I don’t go a day without…shopping (online or the regular way ; )

My beauty routine wouldn’t be complete without…being able to use MY OWN skincare products! It’s such a dream come true.

If I could wear only one type of clothing for the rest of my life it would be…Glamorous Versace Couture Designs.

If I could trade places with anyone for a day it would be…Paris Hilton.

If I could live anywhere in the World it would be…I would want to live in 3 places at once, NYC, Beverly Hills, and Miami Beach.

I never leave home without…looking fabulous

If I could only wear one makeup item for the rest of my life it would be…if I had to choose only 1 item it would be Guerlain Meteorites. They are light revealing pearls of powder that diffracts light upon contact to envelop the skin in a halo of light. Each lightweight shade has a specific correcting action to offer women the ultimate in luminous skin.

Just for Fun:
Cats or Dogs?
JH: I’m a huge animal lover but I actually have allergies to both so one of the charities I donate to the most is ASPCA since I can’t adopt.

Heels or Flats?
JH: Heels! I can’t concentrate in flats!

LA or NYC?
JH: My heart is in both places. I was born in NYC and then moved to LA after college.

Morning or Night?
JH: Night.
Jeans or Dresses?
JH: Ever since I was little I always wanted to be in a dress and the feeling hasn’t changed.

When traveling, what do you think is the best airport style?
JH: The best airport style is to dress classic and warm! I am always freezing when I am on the plane so I always bring tons of layers with me. I usually wear a nice pair of jeans that have some stretch to them and a pair of Celine or Chanel flats. It’s important to remember to bring socks because you don’t want to be walking through security with bare feet when you have to remove your shoes! I always check all my luggage but bring a pretty decent sized carry on bag with me filled with my traveling essentials. I am completely not a fan of wearing slouchy sweats or pjs. I think it’s disgusting to look messy and unkempt.

Can you tell us a little about your collaboration with Tanus Designs?

JH: My latest project has been my collaboration with Tanus Designs. Recently we (Brenda Tanus (CEO of Tanus Designs) and I) have launched The GLAMLUXE Collection. It is inspired by the Glamour and Elegance of Jaimie Hilfiger and the unique Fashion ideas and the Jewelry experience of Brenda Tanus. The GLAMLUXE COLLECTION was born to bring unique Luxury Jewelry Designs. We wanted these pieces to be timeless and classic with a modern twist. The beauty of the GLAMLUXE COLLECTION is found in the quality of the designs and the high-quality materials used. This Luxury Collection starts with two gorgeous designs: Julliet Rose Cuff Bracelet & Flame Lily Earrings. Two designs totally dreamt and inspired to create something totally Glamorous. To see more visit http://www.tanusdesigns.com/collections/glamluxe-collection.

Tanus Designs is an amazing online boutique that offers stunning jewelry, accessories, home and office decor as well.. We are also working on a Cancer Awareness campaign. This collaboration goes beyond our passion for Fashion; we would like to be involved in humanitarian causes, bringing support and hope. With that being said, you can check out their website at www.tanusdesigns.com.

Modeling is often misunderstood by people…if you could explain the business of being a model in your own words, what would they be? What would you want people to understand about your job?
JH: That is definitely a true statement. Unfortunately nowadays everyone is a “model” or how I like to call them “Insta-Models” Contrary to popular belief, modeling is an extremely hard occupation. There is so much competition and rejection that you have to have a very thick skin and a positive support system around you. Modeling is about being comfortable in your own skin and displaying a positive image for young girls and your fans. Despite all the negatively surrounding my career, I love modeling, and I wouldn’t trade my occupation with anything. There is nothing else that I would rather be doing.

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