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As someone who loves workout classes, but hates the gym, Classpass has been fantastic. For just $99 a month, I have access to every class imaginable with very few restrictions. Here are my top Chicago Classpass studios, in no particular order!

Yoga Loft Chicago
Core Sculpt at Yoga Loft Chicago is my favorite ab class ever! The instructor, Tim Ceurvorst, is extremely motivating and can be intimidating on first sight. You walk into this tiny yoga studio and a huge bodybuilder type leads you through 30 minutes of the most intense core workout I’ve ever experienced. Tim guides you through sets designed to use your own body weight that emphasizes core strength and development. Keep at it and you’ll see results fast.
Tip: Get Bikini ready with some extra Core Sculpt classes. They offer two weeks unlimited for only $35 for new students.

Disclaimer – I LOVE Flywheel. I usually use my three Flywheel classes early in the monthly cycle and countdown to when the next month starts. Flywheel offers 45 or 60 minutes classes that include climbs, descents, a bit of arm sculpting with weights and a set list of 11 songs curated by each instructor that will keep you going. The studio offers stadium-style seating that lets everyone have a great view of the instructor and it’s dark so you can sweat with a little privacy.
Tip: Try Candy Morales’ class. She will push you to work harder than you’ve ever worked before. My legs are DEAD after one of her classes.

Shred415 offers a full body workout with a combination of cardio and weights. It’s a high intensity interval training class that targets all of the muscle groups. The 415 stands for 4 intervals of 15 minutes. You can choose to start on the treadmills or the floor, depending on what you like to get out of the way first. Classes range from Total Body, Arms & Abs, and more! Instructors keep it high energy with encouraging words and high energy playlists. I personally hate running, but the intervals and running patterns that the instructors set make it easy to get through each portion.
Tip: Bring lots of water and get to class early if you prefer to start on the treadmills.

Sproing Fitness
Sproing Fitness is a 45 minute class featuring 30 minutes of high intensity interval training. When you get to class, you’ll be strapped into their treadmill machine so you can achieve the ultimate running posture. With 20 second intervals, you’re always moving and never bored. Classes go really fast and it’s ideal for those looking for a mixture of running and weights. Another perk is that you use a heart rate monitor to gauge your intensity. You’ll see how hard you’re working and calories burned on a screen, so you can really push yourself. Overall, this class is great because you maximize your results in a short amount of time and continue burning calories long after the workout.
Tip: Don’t be scared of the set-up. Harnesses aren’t just for ILM weekend.

105F Bikram
105F Bikram, also know as the authentic “hot yoga,” is a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises offered in 90 and 60 minute classes in a room that is kept at 105°F. I love this class because it’s no frills. Everyone in the classes takes it very seriously and you’ll get to see what the body can really do when longtime students start bending and twisting in ways that I definitely can’t accomplish. It might take a few classes to get used to the heat, but keep at it. The skin benefits alone have me coming back each week!
Tip: Bring water, wear next to nothing (some people wear bathing suits), and buy towels there. For $2, you get a full size and hand towels. It’s worth not having to schlep sweaty towels back home.

The Bar Method
The Bar Method is the only class that has significantly toned my lower half. I was a devotee for three years, before deciding to mix it up with Classpass. If you want a visibly lifted caboose and toned inner thighs, The Bar Method is for you. In an hour, you’ll go through exercises in a barre studio that will sculpt your arms, abs, thighs, butt and end with stretching.
Tip: Wear grippy socks that will give you traction. This will help you hold postures throughout the class.


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