Inside the Vines with Yamandu Perez of TWO

Day five of Binge Wine Week has a lot in store! Take a look into the wines at TWO with GM/Owner Yamandu Perez and claim your $10 Dash cash which you can use at TWO to treat yourself to a glass of wine! Yamandu first learned about wine by sneaking into a tasting when he was in college, and his vast knowledge of wine has grown along with his career. Thanks to that, Yamandu has been hooked on learning about wine ever since, and he’s helping us learn a little more today, too!

Read on for more information on TWO along with a Q&A with Yamandu Perez and don’t forget to take the quiz below to claim your $10 Dash Cash (in the results you will find a promo code!)

“The comfortable atmosphere, with artful second-life décor, makes it a perfect West Side neighborhood gathering place. Influenced by the quality and tradition of family run butcher shops, TWO sources from trusted, small mid-western farms. They are often the first Chicago restaurant to feature renowned items, such as the heritage Hampshire pork, on their menu. TWO chefs make all their bacon, sausage, jerky, cheese, sauces and pastas in house and are constantly exploring new and seasonal dishes to feature those ingredients.”

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Q: Can you give us a few reasons the fried chicken thigh with Cuvee Cecile is your favorite pairing?
YP: The light sweetness brings out the subtle spices and makes them dance on your palate. The balanced acidity helps cut through the fats and creates an intermezzo between bites. Almost like tasting it again for the first time. Delicate enough to not disturb the whipped potatoes, yet round enough on the palate to hold against the homemade bacon gravy.

Q: Why is the Gorman Winery ‘The Devil You Don’t Know’ one of your favorites?
YP: The entire package has been thoroughly thought through. From the graphic design of the label and the artistic direction of the overall presentation to the choice of varietals that make the blend…Wow!!! The varietals chosen are some that are uncommon to the traditional American wine drinker – a creative way to bring to the people that which is unfamiliar them. 52% Syrah, 17% Mourvedre, 17% Grenache & 14% Petite Syrah becomes ‘The Devil You Don’t Know’. The wine itself has power, elegance and length in finish. Brilliant to the last drop.

Q: We’ve gotten a lot of opinions this week, so we must ask, why do you believe a good glass of wine is important to a meal?
YP: Salt brings out the hidden flavors of food…the right wine preps the mouth for the upcoming experience.

Q: Some of our readers were lucky enough to get a DASH credit for TWO for a free glass of wine…which should they choose and why?
YP: This a bit of a loaded question, as we change our wine list every week. Currently I would recommend a Chilean Carmenere that we will be pouring for a few more days. A sweet cigarbox/cedar on the nose with a hint of smoky bacon that gets confirmed on the palate makes me feel like home. The dark fruits grab the cheeks and won’t let go. Suede like tannins caresses the gums just enough to remind you that they are there. And the acidity is just enough to make this a great food wine.

Q: What is your favorite part about wine? Do you think it’s been beneficial to you not only in your career, but personal life as well?
YP: It’s possible that wine is part of the conversation or its making the conversation possible. In other words, ‘Wine is a social lubricant’. Wine knowledge has been helpful in my personal life. It seems that in most social occasion I get included in either conversation and/or decision making because of wine. It has always given me one more thing to be involved with. I’m a true believer in a well-rounded education, I like to know a little bit about everything.

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