In the Spotlight with Joanna Pacitti of Dancing Pros Live

We’re always looking to give our readers something to Binge on, which is why we are so excited to bring your attention to Dancing Pros Live, and it’s co-host, Miss Joanna Pacitti. Pacitti is a recording artist from Philadelphia whose songs have been featured in movies such as Legally Blonde, First Daughter, The Bratz and many more. Pacitti released her debut album on Geffen records and opened for artist such as Sheryl Crow and Nick Lachey. Most famously known for being on season 8 of American Idol, Pacitti is currently co-hosting alongside Alan Thicke as well as singing in Dancing Pros Live. Before the tour took off, we got an inside scoop into what Joanna is looking forward to most, and what she will be missing while on the road. We encourage our readers to check out tour dates and plan to see Dancing Pros Live, a one-of-a-kind show!

“The world’s finest dancers will battle it out live in Dancing Pros: Live! and the audience will choose the winner in this unforgettable live competition show hosted by Golden Globe® nominee and star of the hit TV show Growing Pains, Alan Thicke!

For the first time pros from Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and dance champions from around the world will dance off against each other and the audience will use remotes at every seat to crown the winner.

Dancing Pros Live will dazzle with an amazing caliber celebrity and pro cast, American Idol or The Voice singers, glamorous set, fantastic costumes, mesmerizing group numbers and, of course, unbelievable dance moves.”

BM: How do you prepare for such a fun, yet exhausting role where you will be traveling and touring for so long?
JP: Tell me about it! Today was actually my first rehearsal and we open tomorrow! Alan keeps me on my toes and he’s so much fun to work with. Personally, getting ready for a long grueling run is all about being as healthy as possible and maintaining that lifestyle for the duration of the tour.

BM: What should the audience expect from Dancing Pros Live? We heard its a one-of-a-kind show!
JP: It is a high energy show featuring some of the best dancers in the world! It’s an interactive show where the audience gets their own voting device at each and every seat and they pick the winner! You’ll get to see cast members from Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Dance, Idol, The Voice and ballroom champions from around the world. I feel honored to be surrounded by such talent.

BM: The cast (including you!) is full of amazing talent- what is the most exhilarating part of being surrounded by all the creative energy?
JP:It is truly inspiring to experience the work ethic of these athletes. They train so hard and somehow it looks effortless. Also, I really enjoy working with Alan Thicke… He has a way with connecting to an audience and has you in tears laughing! I grew up watching Growing Pains so it’s pretty cool to partner up with him.

BM: You’ve had so many great performances and accomplishments in your past- what do you hope to take away from DPL? What are you looking most forward to?
JP: Chicago is our first city (also my favorite city every time I’ve toured in the past) and I can already tell how many great relationships I will walk away with. This is my family for the next few months and I know we are going to create some incredible memories.

BM: Any cities/states that you are absolutely looking to perform in?
JP: I am really excited to play the cities that are close to home; the Bethlehem, PA show and the two shows in New Jersey! I am also excited for the Florida shows in the dead of winter…I don’t do cold weather well!

BM: I’m sure your schedule is crazy on tour! Do you have any fitness/beauty routines that help you continue to look and feel your best?
JP: I try to eat as healthy as possible and stick to protein and veggies. I am going to miss my green smoothie for breakfast in the morning. Unfortunately, sometimes the only option happens to be a Flying J truck stop in the middle of no where! I am hoping to find a gym in each city, otherwise I’ll do yoga in the hotel room. Staying hydrated is most important! I have my go to products that always keep my skin in check as well.

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Cirillo Cosmetic green tea soothing cleanser
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I’m not high maintenance, promise!

BM: What will you miss most about being away from home?
JP: I am a newlywed… My husband for SURE! Wow, I still love saying that… “Husband” haha! I have never been away from him for longer than a week. I have toured a lot but it so much harder to leave home when you know what’s waiting for you there. My favorite thing to do is cuddle up on the couch in sweatpants and his white t-shirt and watch DVR. It is going to be the best feeling when I see him again! I hope no one is around! I may or may not cause a scene. 🙂

We are excited to follow Joanna on this amazing journey, so be sure to send questions our way if you have any for her!

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