How TV Watching and Weight Gain Are Linked (and How You Can Break the Cycle)

You may not believe this, but a lot of people who watch television excessively tend to have problems with their weight. Weight gain and watching TV are actually linked, so it is vital to take a look at why and what you can do to prevent this or stop this from happening to you. By understanding what it means to live a healthier lifestyle, you’ll feel better about the way that you both look and feel. I mean take a look at guys like Dan Bailey, do you think he watches TV all day? While you may not want to ditch the television set altogether, reducing the time you watch it can do you a world of good.

How are These Two Things Linked?

There are actually several factors for why weight gain and watching television are both linked. In many cases, people who watch television tend to spend several hours a day in front of the screen. This results in several hours worth of being sedentary either sitting on the couch, recliner or floor. Also, many people tend to munch on snacks and food when they’re watching the television. This is also a problem because when you’re mindlessly eating, you may consume more calories than if you would have been watching what you ate. This is similar to people who munch or eat while on the computer or doing anything else that keeps their mind occupied.

In general, it is unhealthy to sit in front of the television for hours a day. It results in weight gain due to being inactive and eating more than you would have otherwise. Some people also find that depression from being stuck in the house also has something to do with excessive television watching and weight gain. This is why it is vital that you consider ways to reduce the amount of television that you watch so that excess weight gain doesn’t become such a big deal for you. There are actually many ways for you to reduce the amount of TV you watch and ways to make your television watching a lot more productive.

Ways to Reduce TV Watching Time (and Decrease Weight Gain)

There are a lot of ways for you to reduce weight gain in general. Eating fewer calories, exercising more and even implementing some supplements into your daily life can all help you to lose weight and keep it off. When it comes to watching television, the key is to reduce the amount you watch and to make the time you do watch it more productive. If you have the space in your living room or den, you could always do your daily workout while watching your favorite shows. If you have a workout machine like a bike or treadmill, you can set this up to where you’re watching television and exercising at the same time.

You should also try to avoid watching television too often. Try to schedule more activities and get out more so that you’re not always in front of the TV. Take a class that you would never have taken before or consider making trips to see family and friends. The less you are in front of the television, the less likely you will be to gain weight because of too much mindless snacking or inactivity. Another way to avoid excessive weight gain even if you don’t want to miss your favorite shows is to avoid eating too much while on the couch. Pour out chips or popcorn into a bowl as opposed to taking the whole bowl with you to the couch. Try to avoid bringing food to the couch altogether and you won’t be tempted to snack at all. When you put these tips into good use, you’ll find that you can avoid the weight gain associated with watching television. You don’t have to get rid of all of your favorite shows, but there are many ways for you to watch them in a much healthier manner.

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