“Hood of The Month” with Chicago Based Artist Samantha Wascher

This section will feature the different neighborhoods of Chicago in an attempt to expose the Binge audience to an array of spots and attractions in each week’s featured neighborhood. In doing so, the magazine will also unite various social groups and community members upon the common grounds of the places they call home.  In this section, I will choose a different Chicago neighborhood to feature each month, and I will photograph, interview, and research various people, places, events, causes, and residents in each unique community.  This will not only help showcase some awesome photos of the area, but it will also shed some light to what makes each community so great. All suggestions and requests are encouraged and will be considered!

Samantha Wascher is a Chicago-based artist who was born and raised in Cicero, Illinois.  She later relocated to the south suburb of Tinley Park, and then to Lemont where she currently resides.  This drastic change of atmosphere from urban to suburban has inspired her artwork, mainly her photography. 

“I have a completely different view of the world than most people.  There are so many different components to every aspect of life, and I feel that it is our calling, as artists, to capture a certain essence and use that to connect with the viewer.  I strive for finding the beauty in all situations around us, and my artwork reflects that.”

Wascher received her Bachelors Degree in Art and Design with a focus in Secondary Education from Saint Xavier University. 

“My two passions in life are taking moving photographs and making connections with people; art and education combine those two actions in the most intricate way possible.  The outcome is unstoppable.” 

Wascher uses her high energy and creativity to her advantage by blending those characteristics with her free-flowing spirit; this is evident in her photographs. 

“I pride myself on being a free spirit.  Although there is honor in structure, I believe that our natural instincts to expand our wings is the path creativity should take.  We should never cage our hopes; our dreams; our spirits; our creative energy.” 

Five years ago, Wascher started the Digital Photography program at Aurora Central Catholic High School, in which she has won two National Educator Medals awarded by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.  She intends on keeping her photographical work flowing, and always stays open to new artistic and freelance opportunities. 


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