Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers

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This post is courtesy of Ben Hart, our Binge Magazine go-to fitness expert. Ben is; Co-Founder of Qinetic – Former Tier 3 Trainer @Equinox – @Rexist360 Master Trainer & Olympic Boxing Candidate
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The holiday season can get complicated when it comes to gifts, especially when it comes to something health and fitness related. You never know if someone is going to use it or not, right? Well, I get it completely. Let me help you a little by giving some keys tips and guidelines to have the best impact. Here we go:

When getting a “fitness” focused gift for someone special, you have to take two things into consideration: What kind of workouts they do (how frequent/style/type of workout) and what their lifestyle is like outside of working out. I say this because there are a lot of “fitaholics” out there who eat sleep and drink fitness, and there are also a lot of fitness minded people who love to do many more things and think of fitness as complimentary to everything else. Step one is pinpointing which one you are buying for!

Now that you know that, you can go two routes: Getting them something for their workout specifically, or getting them something for the rest of their lifestyle that makes what they love (maybe fitness related) to do easier. Whichever one it is, you must keep one rule in mind: It’s NOT about the gift itself, but it’s the thought, time, and/or energy that went into it. Knowing that person’s lifestyle in some way enables you to give more thought to give the perfect gift.

With that being said, let’s focus on getting something for the workout because let’s face it, there are too many options. I am going to recommend some of the best potential gifts that I love conceptually or that I have personally tried out.

1) Something to add to the workout:
Resistance bands are a great gift because they are such a diverse tool when it comes to strength training and conditioning.
-If you’re looking for a great tool to add to ANY workout that will add tremendous benefit to any fitness regimen:
Why? I have two pairs of them at home and I use them with just about any exercise I do. When I say they work for me, I mean they produce results.

2) Something for motivation:
Something new, cool and functional. The right headphones or activity tracker could do the trick.
-Headphones are always a great gift, however, there are so many brands out there. I recommend a great brand of headphones called NOIZY Brands headphones.
Why? They are an amazing brand that are on the rise. I have two pairs of these, too, because they are great and NEVER fall out.

Now what can you get for all of the other aspects of their life while still keeping it “fit focused”? Well, again, there is a lot. Here are some good options to consider. Just keep in mind that it should complement and encourage the healthy aspect of their life, in some way.

Every health/fitness conscious person could use any of these:

1) Meal replacements/protein shakes:
This is a great gift for someone active because its easy and effective. One of my favorite supplement companies to buy from is Vega Nutrition. They have great quality products and ingredients.

2) A massage:
This can be a key component in every active persons life. If they usually don’t get one, this should be the time to convince otherwise. Massages are universally a great gift for most but for an active person, it’s like heaven. You can’t lose with this one.

3) Buying a fitness class or session of something active that you know they have always wanted to do or try.
This could be anything from a dance class to bboying to boxing all the way to yoga and Crossfit. There are plenty of great classes that have great teachers. If you need recommendations just reach out to me!

These are just some suggestions to help you open your vision for getting gifts for all of those fit addicts out there. If this isn’t enough for you, reach out to me on twitter at @Benny_Hart, and I will try my best to give some great, personalized suggestions. Again, the main takeaway here is this:

1.Know how in depth the love for healthy living and fitness is

2.The more you know about their habits, the more personalized you can make it.

3.If its not something for them to utilize during a workout, keep in mind that the mission is to help keep healthy habits up on their priority.

4.Last but not least, if you have any questions I am glad to give personal, situational recommendations – find me @benny_hart

Given all of these takeaways- you should have no problem finding the perfect gift.

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