Holiday Fitness Tips from Nadia Murdock

Nadia Murdock is a fitness expert from New York City, we were previously introduced to her during our #BingeFitnessWeek where she shared with us her tips and tricks to train your mind, change your body. You can see that feature here.

Nadia Murdock is living proof that her “train your mind so you can change your body” method works, as she herself was once not only over thirty pounds overweight, but weighed down mentally with feelings and fears that were making a full live impossible. She was, in essence, her own first client and has gone on to become a fitness coach, certified fitness instructor, author of You Can Have it All and all around healthy lifestyle enthusiast. After experiencing the transformative power of a health-focused mind and body in her own life she became dedicated to sharing that power with others and not long after, the Nadia Murdock Fit world was born.

Nadia understands on a personal level that mental roadblocks and challenges are often the first and most difficult barrier to fitness. She also believes everyone owes it to themselves to conquer those challenges, and deserves to live their life in the healthiest and happiest way possible, and she is dedicated to making that a reality for as many as possible!

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If you are like most of us, the Holidays present the challenge of being idle, binge eating and skipping workouts. The best Holiday gift you can get yourself is the gift of health, and Nadia is giving us insight into how you can turn the Holiday cheat eats into triumphs.

Stay tuned for Nadia’s New Year New You smoothie post coming early 2015! Make sure you get your NMFIT Smoothie E-Book to help with all of your New Year’s resolutions.

Most people have big dinners on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day…what kind of food should we start the day with to ensure we don’t overeat at dinner?

I always tell my readers and clients to never show up ​to any dinner party ​hungry​, ​ that is one of the easiest ways to ​avoid​ overeating. As for what you should be eating before the big feast, keep it healthy​!​ You want to make sure ​to​ eat breakfast and ​lunch ​including foods rich in​ fiber and foods that contain​ water like fruits and vegetables​. Consuming the recommended amount of water ​will help keep you full and hydrated. Try to also ​inc​lude​​ fat burning foods ​like green tea, ​blueberries, almonds, grapefruit and beans.

Leftovers shouldn’t go to waste…how much is too much of delicious Christmas food? When should we stop? What’s okay to keep eating, and what should be tossed?

The number one reason everyone feels so over stuffed during the holidays is because chances are they truly are over stuffed! A few tricks that will allow your stomach and brain to be in s​ync​ when eating this holiday season​ include: ​ ​
P​ut​​ down the fork between each bite.​ ​Shoveling food in like it’s a marathon doesn’t give your brain time to register w​hat i​s happening.

Another helpful bit of advice is taking a sip of water between every few bites or drinking a nice tall glass of water before you begin eating.

​Load up on greens, filling up on the good stuff saves little room for calorie packed dishes. ​ ​
If you have been waiting all year for mothers apple pie it’s O​K​ to have piece just remember with moderation. ​​Portion control is key!

So many gyms are closed on Christmas…what do you recommend for at-home workouts?

Investing in a few workout DVDs is a great idea for times like this. Doing your research before hand and hav​ing​ a few go to youtube channels saved ​will be easy for ​you ​to ​sneak in a good workout in a time crunch. There are also streaming options like Cosmo Body and Fit Fusion​. ​

Advice as a whole for staying fit through the Holidays?

The holidays is a time of year that should be enjoyed. You can still spend this time of year enjoying a FEW of your holiday favorites with out punishing your waist line.​ Make sure not to neglect the gym and health food options just because it’s the holidays. You can marry quality time and fitness together with activities like ice skating or sleigh riding, maybe even good old fashion snowball fight?! Always find time for a workout even if it’s just for a few minutes. ​​

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