Holiday Art Exhibit: Stuart Pockross

What: With more than 30 years behind the camera lens, Stuart Freeman Pockross exhibits his newest work entitled “Fusion Art” for the first time to the Chicago public
Where: 737 North Michigan Avenue (Lobby of Neiman Marcus building)
When: From November 17, 2014 to January 30, 2015
Details: Pockross, 67, uses digital technology and combines multiple photographic images to create his works. Each piece starts with multiple photographs, which are fused together. The end result is a work of art
that evokes emotion, articulates a vision and replicates an experience.

Don’t forget to stop into the art exhibit while strolling the beautifully decorated streets of Chicago this Holiday season!

See our Q&A with Pockross below:

Being born and raised in Chicago, how does it feel to have your work displayed in such a well-known spot, during The Holiday Season, which we all know is a huge deal for the City of Chicago?

“OUTSTANDING!!! The exhibit just opened, and already I have heard from people who I haven’t seen since elementary school. It’s a privilege to have my art displayed at the heart of Chicago’s Magnificent mile, where locals and tourists alike are viewing it. Like Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz..”there’s no place like home!””

Your work is so stunning- what do you hope people take away from your art when they visit your gallery?

“Whether they like it or not, (although I do hope the former) my objective is that they find it compelling, thought-provoking, and moving. My goal is that it stimulates them challenges them.”

Artists are known to be constantly creating, looking to out-do what they’ve already done. Do you feel like you are really getting to enjoy this time with your art being displayed, or are you already working on the next big thing?

“Simple answer…both! It is extremely validating to have this opportunity to share my passion, but absolutely I’m working on the next vision…please stay tuned!”

What is it about your art that is so unique?

“Using digital technology, I fuse together multiple images to capture a moment in time. The photograph is simply my beginning. It is my paint… digital media is my canvas. My art communicates an idea, conveys an emotion, and articulates a vision. My art describes without words the sentiments surrounding an experience.”

Stuart Freeman Pockross lives in Chicago with his wife Cathy. The two have two sons and four grandsons. Aside
from his art, Pockross is passionate about travel, philanthropy and his Chicago Bears.

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