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Jessica Vacco and Sal Bolanos are a young, Chicago couple always looking to out-do the status quo. With their busy schedules and working toward very particular and high goals, they wanted to make sure they are taking time for themselves, and for each other. They decided to team up (they make a great team!) to review various bars, restaurants, grand openings, concerts, fests and everything in between. Their goal is to create an outlet for couples to refer to when planning a date night, or coming to town and looking to be pointed in the right direction!

Stay tuned all summer for reviews, and if you have some place you’d like them to review, please feel free to shoot us an email at info@nosotrosusmagazine.com – we can’t wait to share some of Chicago’s finest places with you. Before we begin, we will let you get to know your Chicago Couple a little bit better.

Salvador Bolanos:
 26 years old, Senior Designer & Art Director at Lunchbox Chicago.
Follow Sal: @SBolanosDesign

Career Goal: Nosotros Us Magazine is a huge passion of mine, along with my work as an Art Director. I’d like to see Nosotros Us become a household name and help the youth have their voice be heard and art be seen.

Favorite Music: Hans Zimner

Favorite Part of Living in Chicago: I love the diversity that Chicago has, I love being able to experience new things every time I step outside, and I love being able to ride my bike to work.

Favorite TV Show: Brooklyn 99

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: I’m a sucker for Dairy Queen M&M blizzards.

One Thing You’re Looking Forward to Experiencing this Summer: I’m excited for the weather to warm up so we can finally start biking all around town- maybe even to the Summer Concerts at Millennium Park.


Jessica Vacco, 24 years old, Chicago Reporter for Us Weekly Magazine/Publicist

Follow Jessica: @JessicaVaccoCareer Goal: I want to be happy, every day and every night. I truly believe money comes with time. I’m so passionate about my writing, but even more passionate about breaking into hosting. I’d love to do baseball announcing for the New York Yankees, and I just recently started writing small scripts for Saturday Night Live! I’m a dreamer and a go-getter.

Pets?: Two dogs! A chihuahua rescue named Yogi Berra, and a mixed rescue named Fetchuccine!

Favorite Part of Chicago: I love cities! It doesn’t matter how many millions of times I’ve seen buildings in Chicago- I’m always amazed!

Favorite Celebrity: Kelly Ripa, hands down. I’d love to walk in her shoes for a day!

One Thing You’re Looking Forward to Experiencing this Summer: I’m so excited to finally partake in the Summer Dance Series in Millennium Park! Sal and I have been planning to take ballroom dance, so this is the perfect time. One of the huge perks of living in the city are free events like this!

Headquarters Beercade – Pinball Expansion Now Open!
950 W Wolfram St Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 665-5660

Sal and I went over to the opening of the new pinball expansion at Headquarters Beercade on Saturday night and had a great time! I had worked a marketing promo all week for the grand opening, so we decided to check it out. I love places that think outside of the box, and Sal was so excited for all the old school games (even though he never got a chance to play mortal combat and we felt like little kids again.

The beer selection was awesome, of course, and the bartender was extremely helpful in recommending a beer for me; it was a peach flavored beer and was delicious, most likely something I wouldn’t have picked out on my own. I love when the employees are able to recommend one of their favorites because it cuts time off of debating over something.

Sal’s Comments: If you are looking to bring back the memories of a favorite childhood time, then this is the place for you. In the pinball area there is a lit up sign that says “Don’t grow up it’s a trap”- it is so true! I personally grew down for those 5 hours we spent there. Watching Wrestlemania with HulkHogan vs the MachoMan from the 90′s was the exclamation mark for me. If I can turn on old school wrestling somewhere and have a few cold crafted beers my night is complete!

Convenience: We hopped on the brown line and got off at the diversy stop, the beercade is only about 2 blocks away!

For Dates: We had a blast, and I think it could be an awesome date night spot for the right people. It’s a cute way to get each other to loosen up and be able to have some fun–I mean, if your date can’t have fun playing old school arcade games, guess that’s a clue to move on.

There are tables and bars to sit at as well, so if you get exhausted from the games, you can sit down and enjoy a beer and some conversation.

Pricing: The pricing was right on par. Not too expensive, which is perfect for a night out.

Attire/Atmosphere: We saw people wearing all sorts of different things, probably one of the best parts about the beercade is you are who you are. It’s nice for a casual night out, or a place to stop by after a stuffy dinner where you need to let loose

Recommend it to others?: Absolutely!

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