Hayley Kiyoko: This Side of Paradise

You may know Hayley Kiyoko from CSI: Cyber, but were you aware of her beautiful voice and artistic musicality? We were recently introduced to her pop ways and couldn’t resist sharing with you her new album and some fun Q&A’s with Miss Hayley herself.

Best part? Download Hayley’s new song “This Side of Paradise” here…for FREE!

This Side of Paradise is your follow up EP to your A Belle to Remember EP. What are the major differences between the two? What were you able to take away from the first release that helped you with the new album?

I learned and discovered a lot about myself in the process of making my first EP. I found out what I wanted to do, and what I didn’t want to do. I changed my team, and ultimately continued on my journey in creating This Side of Paradise. Sonically I feel I found what I was looking for with paradise. It is truly me in an audio form.

You just recently performed in Chicago, what was that experience like? Do you see yourself coming back to perform here again in the future?

We had such a great time in Chicago!
I am hoping to continue to tour for the rest of the year so I will definitely be coming back sometime soon.

We’ve seen you admire the works of Metric and Sia, who are some artists/bands you would love to collaborate with who may be out of your genre?

I’ve always thought doing a collab with Frank Ocean would be sick. Combining our two genres together vocally but still having that groove. That would be fun.

Just like yourself, there are tremendously talented actors who are also able to perform musically. Who are some of your favorite actors/singers? What have you been able to learn from others who are in the same occupation as you?

I feel it’s always been hard for artists to be respected both as an actor and a musician. I think Jared Leto has worked hard and has done a great job at being respected in both work spaces.

It seems like music has always been apart of your life especially as a child, what made you want to go into the acting scene?

I loved the idea of playing different characters and having new experiences. I’ve got a passion for challenges.

You’re working alongside talented actors like Patricia Arquette and James Van Der Beek on CBS’ CSI:Cyber what has that been like? Both have such a strong background in acting, have they helped shape you as an actor? In which ways?

It’s been really wonderful to be surrounded by such a strong cast. Everyone supports one another and we’ve definitely needed it as the tech lingo has been a challenge for all of us. We all had to become ‘experts’ very quickly.

We know you’re going to be busy with projects like CSI: Cyber and your upcoming featured film Jem and the Holograms what else can we expect in 2015?

You can see me in the horror feature film Insidious 3 on June 5th. And make sure to see one of my shows while I continue to tour and promote my new EP, This Side of Paradise.

When you have some down time what are three things you love to Binge on?


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