Good Vine Wines: Do Good Drink Me

What a killer way to start day two of #BingeWineWeek Good people on a mission to make the world a better place, combining with our beloved wine! The good men involved with Good Vine Wines, Carlos Quimbo and Sean Thomas, are the brains behind this wonderful brand are bringing a wide range of awareness to charities, as well as giving back in a different way. Whether it’s eco-friendly ways or donating sales to local children charities, they are all about doing good, and we hope you are, too!

Do Good. Drink Me. Is exactly what #BingeWineWeek is all about. To show why Good Vine Wines should be on your top wine list, we created this custom poster [below] to help you learn about their 3 tasty flavors.

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How did Good Vine Wines come to life? Where did it all start?
Carlos’ freshman year college dorm. His random assignment roommate’s younger brother was Sean’s best friend. Sean and the younger brother came to visit and Carlos gave them their first sip of wine. 10 years later the roommate would get married and Carlos and Sean reconnected at a bachelor party in Las Vegas. They drank more wine. 4 years after that they decided to launch a wine brand called Good Vines.

What does the meaning of “Do Good. Drink Me.” mean to the GoodVine Wines team?
We like to think that Good Vines is not only a good quality wine, but actually does good. We use sustainable winemaking practices. We commission real artists to design our labels. And we give 5% of our sales to non profits. Do Good. Drink Me. Is meaningful because it’s an extension of our personality. We impart the message into everything we do.

You have one chance to sell your wine to someone… what would you say? Go!
Taste this…

As owners of the brand, how often do you indulge?
It’s a nice perk, but honestly we try not to overindulge. We’re constantly tasting (but spitting) the wines to ensure quality. For special events though we can tell you that our friends don’t have a shortage of wine at their party.

How hard is it to make wine and then distribute it? Would you recommend anyone to go into the business?
It’s easy to make wine. It’s not a super complicated process. You add yeast to grape juice and wait (for it to ferment). It is however hard to make good wine. You have to pay attention to every detail. I would recommend anyone that’s passionate about owning a wine label to start their own if they think it’s their calling. But I will warn them it is not easy. It’s extremely competitive and getting distribution is just one of the many things you have to do to grow a brand.

What is the number one goal for GoodVines Wine?
To make a tangible impact in a way that is sustainable. Meaning, we of course want to grow the brand, but we also want our pledge to “do good” to make an ongoing difference in the causes we dedicate ourselves to. It’s our belief that we can create a virtuous cycle where our consumers keep drinking our wine because they see the positive difference it makes.


You can drink wine anywhere in the world… where would it be?
Hands down Tuscany, Italy.

You can drink a glass of wine with anyone… who would it be?
Sean’s grandpa Dave Thomas, because I never got to meet him before he passed.

You can only drink one kind of wine for the rest of your life…what kind do you choose?
Good Vines, and I will be drinking it for the rest of my life (but I guess it’s not the only one).

Now that you know what Good Vines Wine is all about why not try some? Good Vine Wines can be found at Marinos and/or Whole Foods.

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