God Damn: When the Wind Blows

Dropped like a pipe-bomb into the British rock scene, Wolverhampton band God Damn have spent the last three years nailing audiences to the walls with their sonic blasts of glorious noise. 2015 will see the much anticipated released of their debut full-length album ‘Vultures’, expected May 11th on One Little Indian Records. Before that, however, the band are pleased to announce the release of a new single ‘When The Wind Blows’, released digitally this coming March 9th.

‘Vultures’ is a stunning and diverse debut, a dizzying blend of barbed wire guitars, lung-shredding vocals and drums that run away like wild horses. God Damn make music that appears – initially at least – as curt and brutish as their name suggests. A curse word. A blasphemous affront to Him upstairs. God Damn. A name to be rolled around the mouth and spat out, a rheumy glob onto English pavements. But scrape away the layer of the greasy grime that coats their early singles like bacon fat in a post-hangover fry-up skillet and there is much more on their debut album than just machismo, bombast and bluster. There is nuance and melody. Purpose and meaning. Heartfelt intent. New single ‘When The Wind Blows’ displays all of these elements perfectly.

“Remember when your mum used to say ‘if you keep on pulling silly faces like that and the wind changes, your face will get stuck that way’? It’s about that,” explains guitarist and vocalist Thom. “It’s about not taking the piss out of people’s appearances and the right to look however you want.”

God Damn will be spending much of 2015 on the road, detonating at venues across the globe.

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