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Glazed and Infused: Doughnuts Done Right

{SPOILER ALERT: Our quiz is armed with a free doughnut! Take at your own risk ;)}

For centuries, doughnuts have been a cornerstone of breakfast happiness for many people. Whether it’s a birthday breakfast, business meeting, or any occasion special to ones heart, doughnuts ignite a sincere joy in people. The taste, the smell, the appearance; all of these key components make up the delight of a doughnut. On top of those components lie the memories that one associates with doughnuts and the glee that they bring.

In our day in age where everyone is taking everything to the “next level,” we sometimes crave something that is classic, pure and just how we remember it being years ago. Thanks to Pastry Chef, Nick Stewart, we can enjoy all the things we love about doughnuts; the new, the old, the classic and the eccentric.

With locations in Fulton Market, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, Streeterville, and River North, Glazed and Infused delivers a classic American, artisan doughnut shop experience. The mission of Glazed and Infused is simple- to make people happy, which is exactly what Francesca’s Restaurant Group founder Scott Harris set out to do, and from our eyes, is doing a great job.

With flavors like the Old Fashioned doughnut, to a Red Velvet doughnut, the variety doesn’t stop there. Glazed and Infused also hosts a variety of seasonal doughnuts including (until the end of Sept.) a Blueberry-Lemon Glazed doughnut. Although the Blueberry-Lemon is heading out of there soon, they are about to welcome a new variety of Fall inspired doughnuts including some pumpkin flavored ones- who doesn’t love pumpkin flavor?!

Adults, tell me, do you eat your doughnut without coffee? Didn’t think so! A beautiful partnership between Glazed and Infused and Sparrow Coffee has recently brewed. Sparrow Coffee has created a signature, single-origin coffee–all sourced from one farm in Kenya to accommodate your coffee cravings.

“Paying homage to the doughnut’s start during World War II, Glazed and Infused décor features recreated memorabilia such as vintage wartime posters and Rosie the Riveter with a Glazed and Infused tattoo. While each location offers the same delicious menu and a friendly staff of doughnut devotees, individual shops reflect the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods. The Wicker Park location offers a grab-and-go window to service the busy Six Corners’ intersection while Lincoln Park families can utilize the private event space of the Glazed and Infused tucked among the boutique shops along Armitage.”

Don’t forget Glazed and Infused for all of your catering needs including mini doughnut trays, fondue party platters, doughnut holes, and jumbo doughnuts for special occasions and events.

Make sure to check out our quiz to find out which Glazed and Infused doughnut you are, and to get the password for a FREE doughnut! {hint: the password will be at the bottom of your answer}

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