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Whether you’re a DJ connoisseur, or simply are only familiar with the DJ scene thanks to last year’s “We Are Your Friends” movie, everyone can agree that DJ William Reed knows how to get a party started, and keep it at the top of its game all night (or day) long.

The Frankfurt, Germany raised, American born DJ has opened for many well-known artists including Kings of Leon and stays busy DJing the hottest parties around. His talents don’t stop there, in fact, he’s also a host, college teacher, and continually one of the hardest working men in the DJ business.

DJ William Reed took time out of his busy schedule to help us #binge on what makes him tick and answer our burning questions.

How does your background growing up in the Frankfurt, Germany underground music scene reflect in and play into your current work?

I still have memories as a kid growing up in Germany of my Father opening up the windows on the weekends and cranking his records on the stereo–The Stones, Prince, Michael Jackson, Zeppelin. All of which can be found in my playlists today.

We lived in Germany for about 10 years total. During that time I’d tune-in to British MTV and was instantly turned on to the sounds of Brit Pop (Blur, Stone Roses, The Smiths), Trip Hop (Tricky, Massive Attack) and electronic dance music (The Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Moby).

As an American, I was exposed to everything that was going on in the States. But living abroad exposed me to a whole other side that was not popular at all in the States–especially electronic music which didn’t hit the States until about a decade later. It was quite literally the best of both worlds. That diversity would inevitably shape my musical development for years to come–especially as a DJ.

Inspiration can be found in everything- do you have something or someplace that inspires you most?

Inspiration can definitely be found everywhere. Living in Los Angeles alone is very inspiring for many reasons. First of all, it’s the entertainment capital of the world so we’re constantly surrounded by lights, camera, and action whether it’s music, film or TV.

We’re also just a quick 1 hour-ish drive from the city to the desert, mountains or ocean. All of which are also very inspiring.

I love to travel as much as possible and when you’re exposed to new people, places, customs and cultures, you can’t help but be inspired.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

Touring, performing with my favorite bands and artists, playing celebrity and red carpet events and even winning awards as a DJ has been such an incredible honor. But I’d have to say that my biggest accomplishment as a DJ is being able to share everything I know with my students when I helped develop and teach the DJ curriculum at 2 community colleges. Watching my students take that knowledge, go out into the world and make it on their own is something I’ll always be proud of.

Have you had a favorite gig/event/party/fest that you’ve DJ’d at? What was it and why?

My favorite gigs have always been my own ongoing weekly parties. You get to know the room, the energy and more importantly everyone who comes out week after week. It’s intimate and personal. And to me, there’s nothing else quite like it. That aside, I have very fond memories of playing at Coachella, Misshapes, and virtually anywhere in Europe. I also absolutely love playing pool parties in LA.

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