Frank Martinez

Ever wonder why your McDonald’s fries are so good and addicting? You may want to get to know Frank (Paco) Martinez from Washington. This farmer tells his story in detail on how his family, like many, came to the United States for better opportunities and possible success. Frank and his family are the reason behind the great taste in the McDonald’s french fry. The careful picking, growing, maintaining, and nurturing has become his dedication to the vegetable, and his passion for agriculture.

“I remember being a child with my parents as we drove throughout the United States following crops, spending almost three days in a row in the back of a truck and you can only imagine how that felt, but because of that it made me appreciate what I have today. Since being around the farm so much as a child, I learned the process fairly quick and so at the age of 17 I became a foreman in which being able to speak two languages helped tremendously, but at that time I knew I wanted to own my own farm one day and so I began working extra hard.”

Frank says that his friends used to make fun of him because of his ambition to become a successful farmer, but he would always remember what his father told him and that was “behind fear you’ll find success.”

As many Latino family’s did when they came to the United States, they feared for the worse but always kept that extra push on their back knowing that the only way to get something done was to work hard. Frank has done just that, and from starting with 35 acres of farm, it grew into 1000 acres of potatoes and he is currently adding to that. “If you make something with pride, people can, and will taste it,” says Frank.

Not many Americans understand what it takes to be a farmer, or in this case an immigrant farm owner. But take in this, success lies under hard work and dedication and as Frank would say “whenever you do something, make it last.”

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