Fitness Talk with Holly Rilinger

Who is Holly Rilinger you ask? 
Former Professional basketball player and currently a NIKE MASTER TRAINER, Master Instructor for Flywheel and creator of TRAINING CAMP (Holly’s signature HIIT class). Contributing editor for dozens of publications like FITNESS, SELF AND COSMO. Holly believes in balance and the power of visualization and gratitude. Holly is known for the THE JOY FACTOR. “When you combine effective nutrition and exercise with a joyful attitude…you cant hep but find the best version of yourself”

BINGE:What got you involved with training and fitness?  
Holly: I grew up playing basketball and at a very young age knew I wanted to play professionally.  I’m not tall, 5’4 to be exact!    The only way I was going to make that dream a reality, was to train to become the best athlete I could be.  This meant getting quicker, faster and stronger through training.  Along the way, I became very passionate about the process.  I was a strength and conditioning All-American in college.  Today I love helping other people become their version of quicker, faster, stronger in life.

BINGE:What keeps you motivated?   
Holly:Music is a huge part of my life.  A good play list will always inspire me to get out there and sweat.  I also love to take other instructors classes.  It’s nice to let someone else do the “driving” once in awhile.  Let’s be real too…fitting perfectly into my clothes or bikini (I’m a beach girl) is pretty motivating as well!

BINGE:Can you give our readers some tips about staying motivated?  
Holly:This is really varies from person to person.  Find out what is important to you and how being healthy helps make this happen.  It can be anything from the standard “my clothes fit better” to meeting new people or more energy.  Schedule your workout appointments the same way you would schedule a business appointment.  DO NOT CANCEL. 

BINGE:What is the best part of your job? 
Holly:I get so much joy from helping people change their lives.  I’m so lucky to be able to do this in a variety of ways.  I love teaching indoor cycling with FLYWHEEL and I LOVE being a Master Trainer for NIKE.  I’ve been a fan of NIKE since I was a child.  These days I fly all over with NIKE leading huge NTC (Nike Training Club) events for them…I’m basically a fitness performer!  What’s better than that?  

BINGE:What is your favorite workout and why?  
Holly:I can’t say I have a favorite.  By mixing things up I am able to love a variety of workouts because they compliment each other and I don’t get burnt out.  I love indoor cycling because its a great workout yet I’m able to lose myself during the class.  Weight training makes my body feel better than anything else I do and YOGA has been a game-changer.   I LOVE SURFING.  (Ok fine..that is my favorite workout!!!)

BINGE:Can you give us 5 quick tips for working out? Maybe some gym/bootcamp etiquette tips as well?
1.  Set short term realistic goals so that you have something to reach for.
2.  Create a dream board.  This board should be the manifestation of the things you want to accomplish and a daily reminder
3.  Eat CLEAN.  Don’t undo everything you work so hard to accomplish with a terrible diet
4.  SLEEP!  Lack of sleep can derail your workout.  Everyone is different, but 7 hours per night is a good goal.
5.  Find a community.  Working out is more fun when you have a team supporting you.  This could mean you join a monthly bootcamp (how about my Spring Training Camp that starts in April!!), a boutique fitness club or get a few of your friends to form a small workout group.

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