Fit Fashion Round-Up

As spring quickly approaches having the right workout looks to help you kick off the warmer weather makes sense! Before you hit the outdoors this spring and resume your regular fresh air workouts rev up your routine with some of the suggested looks below. These fit fashion options not only will keep you looking stylish but motivated at the same time.

Dress Abstract Leggings
Looking to make a statement? Rock a piece of art on your workout gear with Dress Abstract Leggings. The wearable line is created to have the same timeless appeal as a museum painting. Each piece of clothing is inspected, tracked and signed, like any limited edition piece of art — making for a perfect collectible item. Dress Abstract is created in USA and partners with those who sustainably support refugees and displaced peoples everywhere. Do you need a better reason to support a brand?!

There a lot of new looks over at PUMA, The NYR Pack includes an all new Fierce style, that helps you to stand out on the track, in the gym or whatever your workout of choice may be. The Fierce Knit provides trendy look with a full knit upper allowing for a 4-way stretch while providing full ground contact and traction without weighing you down. This lightweight sneaker also transitions nicely into your everyday spring look! The PWRShape family that hugs every curve and gives lift in all the right places. The PWRShape Tight has a flexible high waistband that provides maximum compression while allowing stretch with every move. These new looks from PUMA definitely make you feel confident and sexy before even completing the workout!

Yoga Outlet recently launched a fantastic Boombox Yoga Mat bag. If you are looking for a stylish way to carry your yoga mat this is definitely it! Yoga Outlet also offers everything from prayer flags to jewelry at an affordable price!

Budha Girl
BuDhaGirl is an evolutionary concept of using fashion as a vehicle to bring one back into balance and focus. It’s simple to integrate into your everyday routine but will make a profound difference. The brand’s ultimate goal is to help one live a more well-intended life and the amazing side effect is you look beautifully adorned doing it. Binge Magazine’s favorite pick is the nine gold bangles that are stylish and sweat proof. Each bracelet represents an intention for your day. As you put them on, you are affirming your intentions in the morning and your thoughts of gratefulness at night. This daily routine will quickly become a ritual and will settle your mind at the beginning and end of each day.

Snap Bac
Snapbac is changing the way athletes think about their rest and recovery, known as “Precovery.”
The harder you train the smarter you have to rest; this rule of thumb can so easily be forgotten when you are focusing on your fitness goals. Snapbac’s unique product design combines medical-grade compression with wearable temperature therapy. Backed by Dr. Andy Walshe, an expert in elite human performance you can feel confident your workouts will begin to feel a lot different in a safe and effective way.

Alyce Ross Design
The Alyce Ross Designs collection is designed and handcrafted by Alyce Ross at her studio on Long Island, New York. Her unique sense of style and eagerness to give women wearable art has made Alyce Ross an expert in Luxurious Modern Design. Her looks pair nicely with any looks meant for a yoga, barre or meditation classes.

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