Final Round CSA: Binge on Boxing

Binge Fitness Week is all about encouraging and inspiring. We want everyone to learn a little and be inspired to try something new. When it comes to fitness, many of us can get stuck in a routine, whether you’re a gym-goer or a fitness class enthusiast, it’s good to switch things up every now and then. We were able to snag an interview with Final Round Combat Sports Academy that will hopefully have you trying out boxing very soon. Not only a good workout, but a great way to meet others and relieve some stress in a positive way.

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At what age are kids able to begin boxing for training? Do you encourage this as an outlet for the younger generation?

At Final Round CSA we have had kids as young as five years old begin boxing classes. A child’s attentions span and interest level are the defining factors when trying to determine if they are ready to start learning how to box. Boxing is a wonderful outlet for the younger generation. Physically it is great for enhancing cardiovascular fitness as well as an athlete’s agility and speed. Mentally it encourages an athlete to focus and to strategize, as in a game of chess. It is also a great way to decrease stress for any age group.


How does boxing, as a workout, differ from other forms of exercise? Why should someone choose to box?

Boxing is different from other forms of exercise in a couple of ways. First, your hands, feet, and body all need to be working together in a fast and agile way. You will use every muscle when learning to box. Also, whether you are in the ring boxing or listening to your trainer call out combinations, you need to concentrate and stay focused when boxing. Anyone who is looking for a full body and amazing core workout should consider boxing as to reach their fitness goals. Boxing is also great as a stress reliever. Have you had a hard day? Hit the heavy bag for an hour and you will leave the gym feeling not only physically and mentally stronger, but calm and stress free!

We personally love the adrenaline that boxing brings, does this help get people more interested in becoming involved in fitness?

The adrenaline that boxing brings is hard to match. Experiencing this will make you want more and will encourage you to reach your top level of fitness, whatever that may be for you individually. Every type of athlete, at every level of fitness, can put on boxing gloves and get a great workout. At Final Round CSA we have found that everyone from top athletes to grandmothers have become enthralled with the sport of boxing because nothing beats the feeling of hitting a heavy bag with all that you’ve got!

We see you have an awesome variety of classes…which would you recommend for kids? women? men?

We offer boxing, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu jitsu for kids. We encourage kids to try them all and then participate in whichever they enjoy. Some of our kids go to every class, while some choose to participate in just one discipline.

We encourage the same for every adult. We offer a free first class for everyone who is interested in trying our gym as we want to make sure our members know that we are a good fit for them. If someone would like to try more than one discipline we encourage this as well. We are not a large franchise gym so we tend to attract the type of person who enjoys stepping outside of the box and who likes to challenge themselves. Only you know what will inspire you to work towards your fitness goals and we encourage everyone to consider crossfit, bjj, boxing, bootcamp, yoga, and more, as every discipline can be scaled for every type of athlete.

Men and women participate in every class we offer so we do not consider gender to be a factor in what we would recommend or what we find inspires a person to set and reach fitness goals!

Can you share tips on training via boxing?

Hitting Mitts is a great way to work on your form, agility, speed, and cardio. The coach will call out combinations while the boxer throws the punches. It requires intense concentration and can be physically demanding. Whether or not you want to take your training to a competitive level, sparring can be a way to test your skill level, while getting a great workout. If you are a beginner you can spar with a coach who will make sure that you do not get hurt but are challenged to work at a level suitable for you.

The thrill of stepping into the ring is one that can’t be beat and I have sparred with everyone from professional boxers to stay at home moms who love fitness. One area that competitors and fitness enthusiasts both should remember is the importance of good nutrition in any workout plan. Eating clean can improve your training immensely.


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