Fashion Chats with Teresa Habczyk of Obsession Boutique

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There’s something about fall that makes us excited about all things fashion. Today we are highlighting the very talented Teresa Habczyk of Obsession Boutique, a newly opened store in downtown Arlington Heights, IL.

Obsession Boutique, a five year dream of owner and designer, Teresa Habczyk, has opened in downtown Arlington Heights on south Dunton. It features original, hand-made designs from the designer and jewelry maker.

“Working and selling from home first was a proving ground for me; I probably would not have opened Obsession had I not made sales and built a mailing list,” she says.

A fast growing mailing list of 300 people who liked her designs, and several sales to friends and family convinced her, five years later, it was time to open a store to showcase her work.

The store showcases hand-made jewelry, apparel and artwork from local artists.

About 500 total pieces are on display. Her line of necklaces, earrings and bracelets, consists of the following.

Glamour–A collection of evening jewelry, mixed gemstones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski Crystals.

Statement–A collection of big, bold designs aimed at producing a complete, unique look with simple outfits.

Eternity–A collection of fine designs, “more delicate pieces,” says the designer.

Kashemere–Siimple, delicate pieces made with high quality, hand cut, faceted gems employing a wire-wrapping technique.

Bridal–Various designs and accessories.


What inspires your designs?

With my jewelry designs I am inspired mostly by the stones itself. There are so many different kinds of natural stones, different shapes and colors and that has the biggest influence at my final design. I design and make one of the kind pieces because you will not find exactly the same 2 stones and that is so fascinating about working with gems.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

I think my favorite part of what I do are the endless possibilites. Possibilites with designs and different ideas how to run a business. I can be creative and express my artist point of view. Working with clients can be very rewarding also. I like to help them and i am glad when they like my designs.

What makes Obsession Boutique unique in the area?

strong>I think what is really unique and interesting that most of the pieces in my boutique are handcrafted by local artist. That was my goal from the beggining to offer not only my jewerly but also help other artists and create a gallery where clients can puchase one of the kind pieces of art.

What is your favorite occassion to help women shop for?

My customers shop for different reasons. It may be a gift idea they are looking for someone special, so in that situation I am trying to find what will be the best fit. And I can offer things starting from very personal piece of jewelry with favorite kind of stone or more general like piece of art of hancrafted candles. My clients also love to shop for themself. I feel very happy and proud when they adore their choices and often when they come back to my boutique they say that they get a lot of complements.

Will Obsession Boutique be doing any events in the future/for the holidays?

Yes since the openning I was hosting a ladies night once a month and after the vacation break we will be continue that event series. We love to support other businesses and we are starting this month. On september 25th I am planning to pair with other boutique from Highland Park, “STYLES HUNTERS” and October we are hosting the tea party with TeaGschwendner US. This is a great way to meet new people and promote local businesses.

We are also getting ready for our first anniversary in October and planning to have a full week of special events and promotions in the boutique.



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