Fashion Accessories in Our Life

For many people, fashion is about following trends and picking out the newest outfits for parties and official events. But fashion is much more than that. Fashion is the art of balance in your appearance, the art of creating an ensemble that will look and suit you well. And accessories play a vital part in this balance.

There is a huge variety of accessories nowadays. Even gadgets are in some ways considered accessories since they serve a specific function and often complement our main outfit.

What We Use Accessories For
There are several functions and roles that fashion accessories embody. None of them is more significant than the other because, for each person, their attitude to accessories is strictly individual. So accessories can serve as:

A functional piece of clothing that keeps you warm or has another practical purpose. In this regard, it is important to pay attention to the material of which this accessory is made. It should be durable and of good quality. The most functional accessories are those that are useful, and not just beautiful: handbags, clutches, hats, glasses, shoes, and scarves. The first scarves were known to be made in Ancient Rome, but, surprisingly enough, their role was to keep the neck clean, and not warm, and wipe sweat. In any case, the first thing that accessories do in our lives is to have some helpful role.

A decoration to your outfit. Accessories acquired a cultural perspective almost the very minute they were created. There are accessories that serve purely aesthetic purposes, like rings, necklaces, jewels, brooches, and those that combine functionality and aesthetics (all of the accessories mentioned in p.1).

A means of self-expression or a personal statement. People communicate with each other through image just as effectively as they do with words. Whenever we choose a certain accessory, we are aware of the fact that it will tell a story about us, and it will help us present ourselves to other people. If we choose a foxy brooch, we expect to look cute and playful. If we choose a minimalistic diamond necklace, we expect to translate a message that we are rich and elegant. Every accessory tells a story about us, so we need to choose them carefully.

Furthermore, there is an endless variety of cultural roles that some objects can play for different people. Some accessories assume a religious role, like wedding rings, for instance, or pope’s hat. Some serve as emotional or nostalgic triggers, a memory of a lost relative or a gift from a fiancée. Specific hobbies you adopt will also bring additional accessories into your life, like yoga bottles, sports watches or a belly dance veil. And all of them will most likely serve all of the above functions.

Combinations of Accessories

Combining accessories is an art and a skill that we learn in the process of acquiring a taste for fashion. A thin balance that lies in choosing the right combination determines if our look will be stylish and attractive. In every particular case, an important rule to remember here is that less is more. There should be only one massive or bright-color accessory in your outfit at a time, the others slightly complementing it or at all absent. Accessories compete with each other for viewer’s attention, and if they are too many, it does not look right. So, if you choose to wear a bright green handbag, do not wear massive orange earrings at the same time.

As we can see, the role of accessories in our lives is vital, and the art of combining them really makes a difference to our appearance.

(Written By: Rebecca Vaxon)

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