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Binge Fitness Week gives us an opportunity to introduce not only great brands and workouts, but it gives us the chance to highlight people who are doing their best to better the lives of others. It’s been said that trials and tribulations can make you stronger, and Caprice O’Bryant is the shining example of that. Caprice uses her past struggles to inspire not only her clients phsyical fitness, but she also inspires a positive mentality. Read about Caprice below and check out her amazing ab workout.

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My name is Caprice O’Bryant, I am 22 years old from the south suburbs of Chicago, IL. I am a NASM personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and certified bootcamp instructor! My team is currently in the process of opening our first facility so our clients can have a truly personal workout without distractions. Goal: Summer 2015.

Everyone has a story. I choose to share my story in hopes of inspiring the people I encounter. I am a God fearing personal trainer and I own a Christian business. I know that all the hardship I had to endure to this day is shaping me to be the woman I am called to be. I hope that reading this motivates you!

On August 2nd of 2007 at the age of 14, I was in a serious car accident that left me unable to walk because of a diagnosed traumatic brain injury. The roof of the jeep caved into my head but I was blessed enough to just have to get staples and they didn’t have to shave my head! I had to relearn to walk with extensive physical therapy while attending speech and occupational therapy as well at the Rehabilitation Institute Of Chicago. Due to my inability to understand simple directions anymore, and impaired cognitive abilities I was home schooled until my recovery. I missed my first semester of freshman year of high school. After my therapy was completed and I could walk again (5 months later) I joined the track team and I was becoming a star. I won all of my races and was conference champion in all my events! I wore a knee brace on my leg because sometimes it would give out on me but that wasn’t going to stop me from doing what I loved…running! My mom one time heard a parent yell at their child that they let the “broke leg girl” beat them. She laughed it off and told the dad that he had no idea of what I had been through to get to where I was. Then, On August 9th of 2010, I was in another car accident that left me with yet more devastating injuries that would affect me for the rest of my life. I have been battling with grand Mal seizures for a little over 4 years now.

If that wasn’t enough tragedy for one person to endure, on June 18th, 2012 I had a seizure so severe that I was left with retrograde amnesia leaving me with no recollection of the first nineteen years of my life. So i woke up in St. James Hospital in Olympia Fields and didn’t know my name or anyone that claimed to be my family. After being admitted into every major research and top notch hospital in the country (Mayo Clinic, Christ, Loyola, Northwestern, UIC, and more) i was diagnosed with epilepsy. I am driven by my battle with seizures, insecurities, depression, dependency, and amnesia to STOMP OUT EVERY EXCUSE there is to not stay healthy and fit! I strive to give my clients a sense of hope and inspiration to never give up and that is what really fuels the fire in my heart to continue growing as personal trainer and motivator! “If I tell ten people my story and I inspire one..I’ve done my job.”

When I workout my abs, I want to feel the burn…and fast!

I perform these 3 fat torching exercises Tabata style! 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. 8 rounds each:

reverse crunches

reverse crunches 2

russian twist

russian twist 2

russian twist 3

pike ups  (1)

pike ups 2  (1)


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